Oasis Water Pioneers Community Development by Providing Clean Water in Rural Ugandan Towns


Established in 2021 by Kabugo Mickdad, Oasis Water.Org instills positive change in impoverished communities, providing access to clean, safe water and sanitary education.

Kyengera, Uganda, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Abundant in natural wonders, from the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains to the captivating Lake Victoria and national parks where kaleidoscopic birds, chirping insects, and majestic wildlife animals roam, Uganda is facing a less impressive and critical crisis. As of 2023, over 14 million Ugandans, or nearly 30% of the population, lacked access to clean, sanitary water.

Oasis Water.Org, founded in 2021 by Kabugo Mickdad, aims to bridge the gap between dire community needs and widespread access to drinking water. The nonprofit organization is committed to serving underserved communities, especially in rural areas. At its core, Oasis Water.Org believes clean water is the foundation of all community development needs.


“Without easily accessible drinking water, progress is nearly impossible. Not only does contaminated water hinder the health of community members, it also disables access to sanitary toilets and essential hygiene,” adds Kabugo.

Currently a skilled plumber and catalyst of change in Uganda, Kabugo’s journey began amidst the chaos of a civil war. The founder of Oasis Water.Org experienced the devastating impact of the conflict first-hand. After watching the lives of loved ones shatter and the communities fall apart, Kabugo survived the post-war trauma motivated by his urge to advocate for and improve impoverished communities.

A vocational training program completed in 2012, equipped Kabugo with the extensive expertise and skills necessary to materialize his vision of a more prosperous, safer Uganda. Realizing that sustainable change requires education, Kabugo, first independently and then under Oasis Water.Org’s umbrella, held multiple workshops, meetings, and door-to-door campaigns across various communities.

The desire to spread awareness about the significance of clean water and adequate sanitation facilities prompted Kabugo to collaborate with local people, business owners, schools, and even hospitals. Each endeavor is personalized to a specific audience. For instance, workshops dedicated to primary, secondary, and high school students teach youths about washing hands properly while work done in hospitals educates staff about sanitary garbage disposal.

Oasis Water.Org was founded to fulfill Kabugo’s mission to provide access to clean water across the nation, focusing on underserved, rural communities. COVID-19 fuelled the founder’s eagerness. “During the pandemic, people were dying. Especially in Uganda, where many communities are incredibly poor and lack proper facilities and sanitary toilets, the impact of Covid was immense,” says Kabugo.

In just three years after its establishment, Oasis Water.Org obtained four meaningful microfinance partners, equipped over 500 areas with access to clean water, improved 12 underserved communities, and changed the lives of over 15,000 people. After successfully executing his vision, Kabugo is keen to expand and elevate more and more communities. To fuel its efforts, Oasis Water.Org is seeking profound partnerships and investors with aligning values who want to contribute to a powerful movement.

There are still many communities within the Karamoja region and some parts of the Central and Northern region within Uganda such as the Rakai and Luweero districts and the Lamwo and Gulu districts that have been deeply affected by the water crisis and lack access to sanitation. Oasis Water.Org is determined to continue working within these regions and improve the overall prosperity of their communities.

“We’ve witnessed the harrowing effect contaminated water has on lives and community development, and it’s time to put an end to this crisis,” adds Kabugo. “The more clean water communities have, the more progress we will see. Oasis Water.Org is not just about clean water and sanitation; it’s about unlocking human potential by fulfilling basic needs.”

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