NYOUM, An Emerging Social Media Platform, Is Poised To Take Social Media Private


NYOUM is an AI-based communication platform that prioritizes privacy, multimedia, and an ad-free experience, and it’s eager to replace social networks with its democratic frameworks.

London, United Kingdom, Oct. 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NYOUM, a London-based artificial intelligence startup, is challenging the current paradigm of Meta, X, or TikTok with a private social network, uniting social media and messaging while safeguarding privacy.

Centred around an AI-powered multimedia feed, communication on NYOUM is fully multi-modal and designed for sharing within an inner circle. To keep conversations fully private, the platform limits the sharing of content publicly and relies on a novel decentral technology architecture. When users download the app, they’re prompted to invite five of their closest loved ones that they want to share their lives with. This feature truly illustrates how NYOUM utilizes a contrarian model for social media.


NYOUM Founder and Chairman Christopher Schlaeffer says that social media platforms were designed to broadcast digital content to friends and followers without a personal connection, lacking adequate content moderation and privacy protection. At the same time, these platforms have incorporated communication capabilities previously only known in traditional messaging platforms. The convergence of social media and messaging platforms, along with the evident shortcomings of social networks, now necessitates a new model. And NYOUM aims to be that new model.

“NYOUM is a Swahili word and means you.” says Founder and Chairman Schlaeffer, “So NYOUM is about you and sharing your life with those you NYOUM. No ads. No likes.”

NYOUM also is about a new approach to visual expression as video and audio sharing, both synchronous and asynchronous, prevail over traditional text messaging. In collaboration with leading artists like American contemporary artist Ian Cheng, the platform deploys generative AI to “iconograph” images for every single frame.

This new visual expression should help users overcome a fundamental shyness to share their own image. But NYOUM´s platform utilises AI to also improve accessibility and break down language barriers by means of localised LLMs. Video and Audio Messages can be consumed easily – not only watched or listened to, but read due to live captions. And everything is translated instantly into a recipient’s native language. “We care about using deep tech to unleash magic for our users and make it feel really simple,” says Jim Reeves, Co-founder and Chief Technologist of NYOUM.

With a design largely defined by multimedia and not text, NYOUM is last but not least a very suitable tool to include cutting-edge journaling features equal to standalone journal apps like Day One. By uploading photos and videos from a phone’s gallery or summarising a day in a video within seconds, NYOUM enables users to record their lives effortlessly and share them with close friends.

As of today, NYOUM is available on the AppStore and Play Store in the US, Canada, Latin America, India, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the UK. For next year, continental Europe is on the company’s launch plan. “But first and foremost, 2024 is about viral growth. To achieve this in an industry dominated by giants will require all our creativity and dedication,” says NYOUM’s Founder.

Provided that its private social network can reach 100 million daily active users (DAU) within five years, NYOUM is committed to democratise the platform by transferring ownership to its users. That’s a first for any social media organization, and it’s a small step to reimagining who a ‘communication network’ is supposed to serve.

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