NDT and Inspection Market growth in France


Chicago, Dec. 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rising market for NDT and Inspection in France owing to increased infrastructure development.

In France, the expansion of infrastructure projects can be linked to the growing adoption of NDT methods for ensuring the structural integrity of construction sites. This surge in the use of NDT techniques is a driving force behind the expansion of the NDT and Inspection market in the country. France is also witnessing the emergence of the electric vehicle market, with plans to manufacture 2 million electric vehicles by 2024. This development is expected to create a heightened demand for NDT and Inspection technology to conduct material and component inspections for these vehicles.

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Infrastructure development plays a pivotal role in the growth of the NDT and Inspection market in France. The heightened utilization of NDT methods in this context serves as a cornerstone for the industry’s expansion. As the nation embarks on a trajectory of increased infrastructure projects, ranging from roads and bridges to public buildings and energy facilities, the need for rigorous structural assessments and safety inspections becomes paramount. NDT techniques are instrumental in ensuring the integrity and quality of construction sites, allowing engineers and project managers to detect hidden flaws, structural weaknesses, and potential safety hazards without causing damage to the materials or structures under examination.


This surge in infrastructure projects across France not only encompasses new construction but also includes the renovation and maintenance of existing structures. NDT and Inspection services are indispensable during all phases of a project’s lifecycle, from the initial assessment and design stages to construction and ongoing maintenance. As these projects multiply, so does the demand for NDT and Inspection services to safeguard structural safety, compliance with regulatory standards, and the longevity of these critical assets.

The importance of this growth driver extends beyond construction, as it also encompasses other sectors such as transportation, energy, and public works. Infrastructure serves as the backbone of a nation’s economic development, and as France continues to invest in its infrastructure, the NDT and Inspection market stands to benefit significantly. It is worth noting that the application of NDT techniques not only ensures safety but also contributes to cost savings by identifying issues early in the construction process, reducing the risk of structural failures, and preventing costly repair work later on. In conclusion, the booming infrastructure development sector in France is a key contributor to the expanding NDT and Inspection market, with increasing demand for these services to guarantee structural soundness and maintain high-quality standards in the nation’s construction projects.

France’s ambitious goal to manufacture 2 million electric vehicles by 2024 signifies a notable shift towards sustainable transportation, and this shift presents a substantial growth opportunity for the NDT and Inspection technology market. The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is underpinned by increasing environmental awareness and the pursuit of reduced carbon emissions. As automakers strive to meet these sustainability targets, they are heavily investing in the development and production of electric vehicles. However, the unique nature of EVs, which feature advanced materials, high-voltage systems, and intricate components, necessitates rigorous material and component inspections throughout the manufacturing process.

NDT and Inspection techniques are crucial in this context. These methods enable manufacturers to examine materials and components for any defects, inconsistencies, or structural weaknesses without causing damage to the parts being inspected. In the EV industry, this translates to comprehensive scrutiny of components such as batteries, electric drivetrains, charging systems, and safety-critical components. With the increasing complexity of EV technology, the quality control and safety aspects become even more critical.

This surge in electric vehicle production offers a two-fold opportunity for the NDT and Inspection technology market in France. First, the quantity of electric vehicles to be produced necessitates a higher demand for inspection services and technology. Second, the unique and evolving nature of EV technology calls for innovative inspection techniques, potentially spurring research and development in the field.

Furthermore, stringent safety and regulatory standards in the automotive industry, combined with the need to ensure the reliability and performance of electric vehicles, reinforce the importance of NDT and Inspection services. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, NDT technology providers have a compelling role to play in ensuring that these vehicles meet the highest quality and safety standards. In conclusion, France’s commitment to electric vehicle manufacturing represents a significant opportunity for the NDT and Inspection market, as it aligns with the global trend toward sustainable transportation and the need for advanced inspection technologies in the electric vehicle industry.
France’s diversified economy is experiencing growth, particularly in industries such as aviation, tourism, defense, and power generation. In the coming years, France is poised to ramp up its aircraft manufacturing, which will, in turn, elevate the demand for NDT and Inspection techniques within the aerospace and defense sectors. The French government is actively pursuing privatization initiatives across various sectors, having already privatized significant government enterprises in aviation, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace. Nonetheless, the government still maintains control over critical industries like power, public transport, and defense, further stimulating the demand for NDT techniques in France.

As a recent example, in May 2022, SGS announced its acquisition of AIEX in France, a strategic move aimed at strengthening its nuclear energy sector portfolio. This acquisition enhances SGS’s inspection capabilities, aligning with the goal of fostering sustainable nuclear energy production in France.

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