MX Tokens Remain Strong Despite Huge Price Correction In The Market


Singapore, March 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a series of bull runs, major tokens are entering a correction phase with BTC experiencing -13.9% in 7 days. However, MEXC‘s native token MX, is able to withstand the pressure without losing too much ground on their token price.


Major CEX Tokens Skyrocketed Before Price Dip

CEX Tokens Token Price on March 12, 2024 Highest Price in 2024 Growth Percentage
MEXC (MX) $3.04 $4.10 +36.7%
Binance (BNB) $520.20 $645.00 +23.9% (GT) $6.23 $7.44 +19.4%
OKX (OKB) $64.84 $73.72 +13.7%
Kucoin (KCS) $14.99 $16.00 +9.6%
Huobi (HT) $2.48 $2.70 +8.9%

Major CEX tokens experienced a meteoric rise on March 14, 2024. Investors witnessed significant gains as these tokens soared to new heights, reflecting heightened interest and speculative activity. MEXC (MX), for example, saw a new ATH at $4.1 with a sudden growth of 36.7% in 2 days. Meanwhile, Kucoin (KCS) reached $16.06 with a 2-day growth of 9.6%. However, the euphoria was short-lived as prices retraced.

Price Drop For Major CEX Tokens

CEX Tokens Highest Price in 2024 Token Price After Correction Growth Percentage
MEXC (MX) $4.10 $3.72 -9.8%
Binance (BNB) $645.00 $526.18 -18.4% (GT) $7.44 $6.76 -9.1%
OKX (OKB) $73.72 $56.33 -23.6%
Kucoin (KCS) $16.00 $13.28 -17.0%
Huobi (HT) $2.70 $2.07 -23.3%

As of March 20, 2024, major CEX tokens have experienced varied price changes compared to their highest values in 2024. MEXC (MX) currently stands at $3.72, marking a decrease of 9.8% from its peak price of $4.10. Binance (BNB) has seen a significant drop to $526.18 from its peak of $645.00, reflecting an 18.4% decrease. (GT) follows suit with a decrease of 9.1%, settling at $6.76 from its highest value of $7.44. OKX (OKB) and Kucoin (KCS) have experienced more substantial declines, with OKX dropping to $56.33 (a decrease of 23.6% from $73.72) and KCS to $13.28 (a decrease of 17.0% from $16.00). Huobi (HT) has also seen a significant decrease, falling to $2.07 from its peak of $2.70, marking a 23.3% decrease.

MX Token Stood Out As The Clear Winner

CEX Tokens Token Price on March 12, 2024 Token Price After Correction Growth Percentage
MEXC (MX) $3.04 $3.72 +22.4% (GT) $6.23 $6.76 +8.5%
Binance (BNB) $520.20 $526.18 +1.1%
Kucoin (KCS) $14.99 $13.28 -11.4%
OKX (OKB) $64.84 $56.33 -13.1%
Huobi (HT) $2.48 $2.07 -16.5%

In the recent market correction observed after March 12, 2024, the MX token emerged as the clear winner among CEX tokens. Despite the fluctuations, MX displayed remarkable resilience and growth, soaring from $3.04 to $3.72, marking an impressive increase of 22.4%. On the other hand, (GT) experienced a moderate rise of 8.5%, moving from $6.23 to $6.76. Binance (BNB) saw a slight uptick of 1.1%, with its price moving from $520.20 to $526.18. However, Kucoin (KCS), OKX (OKB), and Huobi (HT) faced declines, with KCS dropping by 11.4% to $13.28 from $14.99, OKB by 13.1% to $56.33 from $64.84, and HT by 16.5% to $2.07 from $2.48.

Great Value and Huge Opportunity For MX Token Holders

MX tokens continue to stay ahead of the competition while gaining significant popularity from its use cases. While MX token’s price growth remains steady, MEXC has curated 201 free airdrop events in January and 199 free airdrop events in February with a cumulative prize pool of $23 million USD. As only MX token holders are able to participate, this helps retain MX as a favorable token for long term hold.

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