Mobile Brands Used the Most in Casinos Online


Determining the true market shares among the major smartphone vendors can be a tricky business, because traditionally, people have been calculating the relative status of device manufacturers based on data about shipments.

This method, however, often falls short in providing a comprehensive understanding of the market as it only showcases the current situation with the orders from large wholesale agents and whatever their own market predictions have been.

Actual Casino User Data Shows Real Market Shares


While the picture painted by global shipments may be accurate enough for some market analysis purposes, recently provided actual user traffic data by the Casino Days Casino Online platform reveals the real-world usage of devices among i-gaming players in South Asia.

The shared data paints a much more vivid and accurate picture of the market for devices, considering it takes into account not only brand-new purchases but also older phones that are still in use.

In contrast to methodologies analysing global shipments, data on actual usage provides a more holistic understanding of the market and shows a truly representative distribution of devices among large portions of the population.

The Leading Trio in South Asian I-Gaming Communities

Looking at the real-life preferences of players engaging in online casino gaming in the South Asian region, as revealed by the Casino Days proprietary data sets, Chinese brands Xiaomi and Vivo emerge as the dominant actors, with 21.90% and 20.79% of players respectively using devices by these brands.

Following closely is South Korean tech giant Samsung, securing a strong third place with 18.10% of players using their devices for casino gaming.

Interestingly, these statistics unveil a significant contrast to the global shipments scenario, where Samsung leads in terms of users (22%), with Apple on its heels (21%), and Xiaomi at a distant third (11%).

Surprisingly, Apple’s iOS devices, while immensely popular worldwide, are only utilised by a meagre 2.23% of local casino players. This stark divergence can be attributed to Android’s commanding presence in the region and its seamless integration into the local economy and society.

Android’s Global Dominance Extends to Over 90% in the Region

Android is the dominant mobile operating system (OS) worldwide, commanding a share of 70.79% according to data for the second quarter (Q2) of 2023, while its main competitor – Apple’s iOS, has a global share of 28.44%.

Actual online casino user data for South Asia, however, shows that Androids commands more than 90% of the regional market for smartphones. According to the Casino Days analysts, this is largely due to Android being an open-source operating system, which results in more accessible app development and release processes compared to Apple’s far more stringent regulations.

Android’s dominance is also reflected in the manufacturing and distribution landscape. Most mobile brands used by players in the region, including popular Chinese and South Korean brands, are manufactured locally, especially under government incentive schemes like the Make in India initiative.

Computers and Tablets Remain in the Periphery

The mobile revolution has unequivocally been the driving force behind online casino gaming operations in the region, the Casino Days provided data unambiguously shows.

An overwhelming 96.60% of players in South Asian choose to engage in their favourite casino games using their mobile phones. On the flip side, desktop devices claim a mere 2.90% share, while tablets are even less prominent at just 0.50%.

The reasons behind this trend are multifold. The convenience of playing on smartphones, with their portability and anytime-anywhere accessibility, is unparalleled. Additionally, advancements in high-performance mobile devices have bridged the gap between desktop and mobile gaming experiences, making gameplay equally enjoyable on smaller screens, which are much more affordable.

By tapping into actual user statistics, the Casino Days data provides a more accurate representation of market shares, showing how brands like Xiaomi, Vivo, and Samsung dominate local casino gaming preferences.

The popularity of Android, driven by its open-source nature and affordability, solidifies its place as the preferred operating system for online casino gaming in the region.

The ascendancy of smartphones and the decline of traditional desktop devices further underscore the mobile-centric nature of the modern gaming experience.

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