MAP Stands Out from the Rest in Rewiring the Brain with its 3 Step Proces


MAP Coaching Institute has designed a holistic approach to rewiring the brain with its three step process. Their philosophy is to heal the mind, body and energy using superconscious power.

Houston, Texas, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Make Anything Possible™ (MAP) is a scientifically proven approach for dissolving limiting beliefs, neutralizing anxieties, overcoming stress, and stopping self-sabotaging behaviors of individuals. MAP Coaching Institute calls itself a coaching institute as its philosophy is not about therapy and eventually healing, but rather about having a dream and aligning with it by eliminating all the barriers that are keeping you from reaching it.

MAP is a holistic approach for the body, mind, and energy that revolves around a self-healing mechanism. The coach trains the brain so that it can reconsolidate memories on instruction. The company’s headquarters is situated in Houston, Texas, but it has certified coaches all around the world, serving clients in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, and Singapore.


The 3 step process designed by MAP is like a funnel. The three-step process involves magnifying dreams, using superconscious power to clear blocks in the subconscious, and creating new neural pathways to allow new thoughts, ideas, and behaviors. This approach goes beyond the clearing of the subconscious blocks, creating vision direction, clearing, and rewiring, making it a more profound, complete and positive approach. The first course is the Experience MAP, a 2 hour group experience where the individuals have an experiential session with Colette. The second course is the Coaching Program, which is intended to increase mental fortitude and awareness in an effort to become more focused to realize your desires and goals. The third and final course is a MAP Certification Program to train other therapists, coaches or healers in the MAP methodology.

MAP sessions are fast, the clients are able to measure their progress within minutes. The sessions are also gentle, avoiding the need for the client to talk about traumatic events, and consciously relive memories.

MAP is the brainchild of Colette Streicher, a well-known coach and therapist who founded the company in 2013. She recognized the power of the mind and emotions in her pursuit of happiness. Colette discovered that the superconscious may be used to find and neutralize unconscious negative thoughts, memories, and emotions. “It is important for the client to stay mindful and observe the neutralization of the memory, happening by itself, after the coach gives an instruction to the brain,” she states. This procedure explores the client’s mental, emotional, and energetic blueprints systematically, allowing the MAP Coach to act as a facilitator for the process. The MAP Method can be taught to coaches and therapists all over the world as a significant supplement to their day-to-day practices. Apart from the above mentioned 3 step process of The MAP Method, the company provides 10 different programs, each focusing on specific issues and overcoming them individually.

Colette has written an international best selling book “Abundance on Demand” which walks readers through the development of The MAP Method, and works through specific steps to release negative money blocks.

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