Man Praises Muse Treatment in Los Angeles for “The Best Family I Ever Had”


Los Angeles, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Los Angeles, California –

A man traveled thousands of miles, from Boston to Los Angeles, to finally reach sobriety after struggling with addiction. His journey ended with a new beginning at Muse Treatment Center, where he was so happy with the family-like atmosphere he wrote a 5-star review of the program.

My experience at Muse was the best rehab by far,” wrote the client, Alan, who underwent rehab at Muse’s facility in the Westwood area of Los Angeles.


Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

“I was nervous at first coming out to California from the east coast,” he wrote, “but from the moment I landed, I was treated with the best and most respect and great hospitality. When I finally got to the facility, I was treated even greater with their hospitality. All the staff techs care more about their clients and sobriety, not for a paycheck. By far, these have been the best family I ever have had, God’s honest truth. I recommend this place to anyone fighting with addiction.”

Muse Treatment is a group of comprehensive substance abuse rehab centers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Programs cover the whole journey toward sobriety, from medically supervised detox to residential and outpatient rehab and continuing through post-treatment follow-up. Clients discover and explore the root causes of their addiction and learn to develop new coping mechanisms for the life struggles that might have contributed to their addiction, to improve their chances of continued sobriety after leaving the center.

Muse uses evidence-based strategies to help clients succeed in their struggles against addiction to alcohol and drugs, including street drugs like heroin and prescription medications like Ativan, Xanax and Ambien. Treatment is also available for co-occurring disorders, in which addiction is accompanied by a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression. Along with long-established approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, Muse employs cutting-edge treatments such as neural recovery, which helps individuals recover lost aspects of emotional and cognitive regulation. Muse uses techniques such as neurofeedback and advanced cognitive training to guide clients in regaining the highest levels of functioning at their respective peak potentials. It is part of Muse’s overarching goal of helping clients learn how to once again live their best lives.

Treatment methods and therapies are individualized to meet each client’s unique needs. Muse offers various services for different stages of recovery – from structured, intensive residential care to supportive outpatient communities that are there to help each other as long as it takes. Knowing that the most challenging time for many clients is just after leaving treatment, when they are most vulnerable to resuming substance use, Muse offers 24/7 relapse prevention skills.

Muse’s customized approach to rehab is one of the ways the program stands apart from others. Each person’s addiction experience is different, and their recovery experience should be too.

After admission to treatment, each client is assigned to a team of specialists who design a treatment program specific to their mental and physical needs. These dedicated professionals also stand apart from those at other treatment programs, and Alan’s high praise of those who helped him is not uncommon among graduates of the program. Treatment is delivered compassionately and thoughtfully by medical professionals, behavioral health specialists, experts in addiction treatment and fully licensed and credentialed therapists – all chosen for their experience and training but also for their ability to understand and support clients on each step of the recovery journey.

Anyone seeking comprehensive treatment of alcohol dependence or other substance use disorders for themselves or a loved one can start by visiting Muse Treatment or calling 866-634-6111.


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