KOONG Makes Its Advancement to Global Market with Its First-Class NFT Technology


SEOUL, KOREA, April 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amid circumstances where the blockchain field is gaining international recognition, KOONG, Korea’s first NFT direct transaction platform, is making advancements in the global market this year.

KOONG is a global platform that protects the creator’s music safely and informs its value to global users as NFT. It is based on blockchain technology that can track all information from the registration to the resale process. Since it respects the values of all creator’s works more than the conventional music market, users could freely register and sell all sound source files they created without using standardized frames or going through complex procedures.


Every processing stage is safe as its falsification and forgery are prevented by the company’s patents based on blockchain technologies. Furthermore, anyone can check all contents of KOONG transparently via the company’s official website.

Taewon Kim, a director of Koong World who is standing in the middle of ‘KOONG’s advancement to the global market, has emphasized that the company’s biggest asset is not only its technologies but also its ‘human resources’.

“KOONG has many talents who have participated in sympathy with passion and dreams about the blockchain industry and to create the future of KOONG together. To tell you why I chose the word ‘passion’, I had put my everything into acquiring an NFT patent when the people at KOONG thought it would be impossible, based on clear visions of the blockchain and NFT’s future. Fortunately, the colleagues I work with at KOONG had helped me by putting in their best efforts after seeing my passion, and as a result, we were able to acquire several different patents.”

Based on these assets, KOONG plans to make its first step in the global music and blockchain industry markets through its official launching and global promotion this year. It is planning to acquire additional patents from foreign countries based on other patents the company possesses, and will gear up in advancement to the global market and development of innovative technologies along with experts who have abundant experiences and expertise in the field of blockchain.

Director Taewon Kim confidently states that KOONG will be in the middle of rapid change in the industry in this era where WEB 3.0 is initiated based on blockchain technologies and AI, VR, AR, and Metaverse are converged by the development of infrastructure.

He added, ” ‘Vasana’ is a Buddhism term which means that all behaviors that parents show to their children will remain in their hearts as lessons just like the fragrance of incense remain on clothing. Following my parents’ words that I should not blame or criticize others for their poor work, I have been putting my efforts into engraving a sense of responsibility, passion, and challenging spirit into the hearts of my colleagues, partners, and children. I hope these efforts will be delivered to people around the world who use KOONG’s platform. Furthermore, I’m planning to continuously challenge making those other fields, which have not been gaining recognition, to see the light through the technologies of KOONG.”

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