Jose Escobar and Austin James Haines Unite for Groundbreaking Interview: Powering Up Entrepreneurial Spirit with Mindful Creativity


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In a remarkable meeting of minds, Jose Escobar, CEO of Connected Leaders Academy, recently appeared on the acclaimed show hosted by Austin James Haines, the celebrated “Midlife Poet.” This engaging episode hosted by Austin highlighted Jose’s entrepreneurial journey and his groundbreaking work with the Connected Leaders Academy, which aims to foster a community of high-achieving leaders dedicated to personal and professional growth.

Jose Escobar, Connected Leaders Academy pictured with Austin James Haines, Midlife Poet, with poem "The Jump"


Jose Escobar’s appearance on Austin James Haines’ Podcast, “Supercharge Your Business with Jose Escobar,” is a testament to his commitment to spreading the message of empowerment and connection. As the driving force behind the Connected Leaders Academy and The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf, Jose has been instrumental in shaping the future of leadership and community building. His vision for the CLA Global Summit, which brought together 300 entrepreneurs from around the globe, was a significant milestone in his mission to inspire and elevate leaders.

During the interview, Austin explored how Jose built an international community of over 350 high-performing entrepreneurs and two six-figure businesses in record time while being a loving husband and father of five children. Jose shared his insights on achieving high results and maintaining a dynamic life.

Additionally, Jose Escobar, the Connected Leaders Academy Global Summit host, kicked off his inaugural annual event by having Ausin James Haines read his most renowned poem, ‘The Jump,’ after which Austin also announced his pending world tour. Both men have big dreams coming true this year, a testament to the quote, “Surround self with those on the same mission.”

Join in on the conversation by clicking the link below and listen to the interview with the founder of the Connected Leaders Academy, Jose Escobar. During this program, the plan was to dig deep to learn what Jose had to ‘Get Free’ from and how he achieved high results with such a dynamic life. His secret may be a surprise,” said Austin.

The episode is available as a podcast here: Supercharge Your Business with Jose Escobar – S2:E9 – Austin James Haines Podcast.

This episode’s unique blend of Jose’s entrepreneurial insights and Austin’s poetic journey creates a distinctive viewing experience. It offers viewers a mix of inspiration and practical wisdom that is truly worth seeing. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the depths of personal growth and the power of authentic connections.

About Jose Escobar: Jose Escobar is the founder and CEO of the Connected Leaders Academy, an organization dedicated to the development and empowerment of leaders around the world. With a business and leadership development background, Jose has successfully grown his initiative into a thriving community that supports entrepreneurs in achieving their fullest potential. His work extends to authoring impactful resources like “The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf” and hosting transformative events like the CLA Global Summit. Jose is also a devoted family man, balancing his entrepreneurial endeavors with his role as a husband and father to five children.

About Austin James Haines: Austin James Haines, a poet, author, and orator, is known for his unique blend of mindfulness, music, and experiential learning in his events. His journey from a long-term corporate career to a celebrated poet is a powerful testament to the transformative power of art, inspiring others to explore their creative potential.

Austin James Haines, the ‘Midlife Poet,’ a Philadelphia-born and Southern New Jersey-raised poet, uses this platform to announce exciting career developments. His unique events, which blend mindfulness, music, poetry, and experiential learning, have deeply touched attendees. Now, with plans for an upcoming world tour, Austin’s ‘Poetry and Presence’ initiative is set to connect and inspire a global community.

Austin James Haines, Midlife Poet

“I was not seeking poetry; it found me,” Austin shared, reflecting on his unexpected yet profound journey into the world of poetry. His upcoming world tour, formally announced on the show, is set to bring this transformative experience to a global audience, promising to inspire and move participants deeply.

About Poetry & Presence: Adding to the excitement, Austin announced his upcoming event, “Poetry & Presence: Free Your Heart and Soul,” scheduled for Saturday, July 6th, from 1-5 PM, followed by a walking tour from 5-7 PM in the heart of Philadelphia. This event uniquely blends poetry, mindfulness, and community, allowing attendees to free their hearts and souls in a truly immersive experience. Sponsored by David Chametzky, The Resilience Rebel and host of “Peace, Love, and Bring a Bat,” and sponsored by Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Master Neuroscientist and Publicity and Business Consultant at, this event is not to be missed.

For more information about Austin James Haines and his upcoming events, visit Austin James Haines’ Live Poetry or his Website: To learn more about Jose Escobar and the Connected Leaders Academy, visit Connected Leaders Academy.


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