InsureMyTrip Reveals Provinces Most Prone to Wildfires and Tips for Travelling During Fire Season


Toronto, May 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — May marks the start of wildfire season in Canada.  Last year was an historic wildfire season with more than 39 million acres burned.  And, according to the Government of Canada, 2024 has the potential to be just as bad.

In an effort to keep Canadians informed and safe, the experts at InsureMyTrip analyzed wildfire data – to determine which provinces have the highest fire danger risk.

Provinces with Highest Wildfire Risk


Historically, western Canada has the highest concentration of wildfires – with most of British Colombia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan at risk for a wildfire-breakout.

Southeast Ontario (including Toronto) and southern Quebec are also prone to wildfires, along with parts of Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Travelling During Wildfire Season

The summer is primetime for wildfires, but it’s also a busy season for travel.  While you can’t predict when and where a wildfire will pop up – a travel insurance policy can help protect your trip from potential fire frustrations.

InsureMyTrip has received several inquiries about how travel insurance works when it comes to wildfires – so, Director of Product, Meghan Walch is answering the
5 Most Asked Questions.

Will I be covered if a wildfire devastated my destination and I need to cancel?

Walch: The short answer is “maybe.” You may be covered under Trip Cancellation if you purchased a policy (and booked a trip) before the wildfire was known.  Travel insurance is meant to cover unforeseen issues – so you don’t be covered if you buy a plan after the fire is sparked. 

There may also be requirements to use trip cancellation coverage.  For example, a travel advisory would still need to be in place on your departure date or within a certain timeframe before you’re set to leave. 

What if I need to cut my trip short because of a wildfire?

Walch: This would fall under trip interruption.  There may be coverage for the unused portion of your trip if you cut it short due to an issued travel advisory.  However, the advisory must have been issued after you’ve departed for a trip, and during your travel dates.

What if I’m injured or need to seek medical attention because of a wildfire?  Am I covered? *

Walch: Again, the answer is “maybe.”  For emergency medical benefits (illness or injury related to the fires), there may be coverage if the policy was purchased prior to the “foreseeability” date (the date the wildfire became known) or a travel advisory was issued.  If you depart on your trip, ignoring the government-issued travel advisory, there would not be any medical coverage for issues arising as a result of the fires. 

What if I changed my mind and decide not to travel over fears of a possible wildfire?

Walch:  In this case you would not be covered by travel insurance – UNLESS you have Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage.  CFAR may either be an optional benefit you can add on or included in a plan – if requirements are met. The Cancel for Any Reason benefit means a travel insurance plan may cover cancellation for any reason at all, including fear or changing your mind because of concerns of a wildfire. 

How do I qualify for and use Cancel for Any Reason coverage?

Walch: Eligibility requirements may include purchasing a plan within a certain amount of time after the initial trip payment. (NOTE: requirements differ by provider, so read and understand a policy before purchasing.) In order to be eligible for reimbursement under the CFAR benefit, you will be required to cancel your plans within a certain time period before departure. If you follow all requirements, you may be reimbursed 50% of your insured, prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.

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*If you are a Canadian planning to travel outside of Canada, health insurance is a major consideration. Your Canadian government health insurance plan may not cover your medical expenses while you are travelling out of your home province or territory. 

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