IdBase Launches Community Round for Investors to Transform Live Event Ticketing


IdBase Unveils First-Ever “Bot Killer” Solution to End Ticket Scalping

Vancouver, BC, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IdBase Unveils First-Ever “Bot Killer” Solution to End Ticket Scalping

After years of development, IdBase is finally ready to unveil its “Bot Killer” solution, which aims to eradicate the age-old problem of ticket scalping. Today, the company announced the simultaneous launch of its identity verification platform and an equity crowdfunding campaign that allows anyone to invest.


“Scalpers have maintained an unfair advantage by using bots to instantly purchase large quantities of tickets, leaving genuine fans with limited availability at inflated prices,” said Alan Gelfand, CEO of IdBase. “Our technology is the first to render those bots useless by verifying the true identities of attendees without compromising privacy.”

After operating in stealth mode, IdBase is now poised for a global launch within six months.

Centuries-Old Problem Finally Solved 
The struggle against scalpers capitalizing on live event tickets can be traced to 1850, when it was first documented during Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind’s* famous tour across North America.

Since then, numerous tactics have failed to combat scalping, which continues to cause fan frustration at being unable to secure reasonably priced tickets for major concerts, sports games, and more.

“Until now, nothing could stop scalping and the abusive bots that fuel it,” added Gelfand. “IdBase’s platform finally enables equal access to face-value pricing for legitimate fans.”

Unmatched Benefits 
By verifying attendee identities easily at purchase and entry, IdBase eliminates bots and unauthorized resellers. This unique approach:

  • Ensures fans can secure reasonably priced tickets without being shut out.
  • Enhances event security by matching tickets with real attendees.
  • Streamlines venue entry by eliminating manual ID checks and reducing delays.
  • Integrates seamlessly with any existing ticketing/venue infrastructure.
  • Enhances the fan experience  with timely direct engagement opportunities.

Massive Market Opportunity 
Recent government intervention along with newly enacted legislation throughout the country highlights the need for change, as the antitrust lawsuit against LiveNation’s inferred monopoly demonstrates. This creates an ideal opportunity for IdBase’s neutral third-party platform to disrupt ticketing for the $1.5 trillion** global live events industry.

“We’ve built the solution the entire industry has been waiting for,” stated Gelfand. “With over 1,000 industry relationships already in place, IdBase is primed to implement its identity verification technology worldwide.”

Investing in Innovation 
To accelerate its launch and growth, IdBase has opened an equity crowdfunding campaign that allows anyone to invest and own a piece of the company aiming to transform live event ticketing forever.

What is Reg CF Equity Crowdfunding? Regulation Crowdfunding allows private companies to raise capital from the general public by selling equity stakes or other securities. This investment opportunity is no longer limited to only accredited investors, giving everyone a chance to get in early on promising startups like IdBase. While investments carry risks, Reg CF provides an accessible way to diversify portfolios beyond stocks and bonds.

“The antitrust lawsuit against LiveNation’s inferred monopoly has created a void that legacy ticketing companies have been unable to fill,” added Gelfand. “IdBase’s third-party, neutral identity verification platform represents a generational opportunity to spark overdue change and innovation in this $1.5 trillion global industry.”

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About IdBase:
IdBase is poised to transform the live events ticketing industry through its identity verification platform. Its technology is the first to effectively combat scalping bots through true ID authentication, ensuring equal access to face-value pricing. By streamlining venue operations and elevating security, IdBase will deliver a premium fan experience benefiting artists, teams, venues, and audiences. 

*The Swedish Nightingale!
** Live events industry includes music, sports, conferences, and more. Source: 

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