Hytek Air Systems AC Repair or Air Conditioning Installation – Fight Allergies with Air Quality Upgrades


Centennial, June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Centennial, Colorado –

Hytek Air Systems, an HVAC services company based in Centennial, CO, wants to stress that with spring comes seasonal allergies but much of these can be prevented by upgrading air quality inside the home or building. Many of these allergies are triggered by pollen produced by trees and grasses. Mold and mildew spores may also contribute to allergies. Fortunately, it is possible to significantly reduce the occurrence of allergies inside the home or building by properly maintaining the AC, ensuring the air filters are working effectively, and considering the addition of a home humidifier and/or air purifier. For more information about AC services, visit https://www.hytekairsystems.com/dealer-installations/Colorado/Centennial/AC-Cooling-and-Air-Conditioning-Systems/97.

The bigger, waxy pollen produced by the colorful flowers that are spread by bees are not usually the culprit when it comes to seasonal allergies. It is the smaller and powdery pollen produced by trees, weeds, and grasses that get blown easily in the air that may get inside homes and buildings and cause the annoying allergies. Mold spores can also be responsible for allergies. Rotting plants, leaves, and grasses, particularly those in damp places, can help with mold growth, resulting in more spores in the air during spring. When these mold spores get indoors, they can cause seasonal allergies. Furthermore, mold can grow inside the home in damp areas in the bathroom, kitchen, and in the basement.


Having an air conditioner that is working properly can prevent most of these pollen from getting inside the home because it allows the indoors to be separated from the outdoors and the only way for the pollen to get is through the AC equipment itself, but this can be prevented by its filters. Thus, ensuring that the AC is properly maintained and that its filters have been changed to new ones will keep much of the outdoor pollen from getting inside the home.

To take care of mold spores inside the home, it is a good idea to check for damp spaces and eliminate them if possible. In addition, having an air purifier installed can help to significantly improve indoor air quality by minimizing airborne allergens, such as mold spores, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. During the colder months, a home humidifier may be used. If the air is too dry, people who suffer from allergy and asthma tend to have irritated tissues inside the nose and throat. Humidifiers help to increase humidity to soothe the nose and throat. However, too much humidity can also have negative effects in which case a dehumidifier may be needed although the air conditioner may dehumidify the air to a certain extent.

Maintaining the air conditioner at peak performance is easier with the assistance of HVAC specialists such as Hytek Air Systems. This may not only help in minimizing seasonal allergies, but it may also help in prolonging the lifespan of AC systems. With the air conditioner running efficiently, this can also result into lower electric bills. While it may be recommended to replace an older cooling system, they can also assist with repairs. Furthermore, if there are air quality problems, they can provide some suggestions on how to enhance indoor air quality.

Established in 2012, Hytek Air Systems is dedicated to providing top-quality heating and air conditioning solutions for homes and businesses. With their team of licensed HVAC specialists and contractors, Hytek has developed a reputation in Centennial CO of providing quality service after performing a large number of HVAC installation and repair services in the area. Residents of Centennial can also rely on them during emergencies. They can also help minimize service emergencies by offering service agreements to ensure that the client’s HVAC systems are properly maintained and are operating at peak performance.

Those who would like to know more about the AC repair or installation and other services offered by Hytek Air Systems can check out their website at https://www.hytekairsystems.com/ or contact them on the phone.


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