Hyper Dog Media Would Never Disavow a Link, Challenges Aging Best Practices


Denver, July 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Denver, Colorado –

Hyper Dog Media, an innovative digital marketing agency with a specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has recently taken a definitive position on a topic that has long sparked debate within the SEO community: the practice of link disavowal. In a comprehensive blog post, the agency debunks the necessity of disavowing links, stating that they would “never ever disavow a link—probably.” This pronouncement is a reflection of the agency’s allegiance to mastering Google’s complex algorithms and best practices, highlighting their profound insight into the current dynamics of how search engines evaluate and attribute importance to backlinks.

The foundation of Hyper Dog Media’s perspective is a meticulous analysis of the progression of Google’s algorithm over the years. Currently, Google’s algorithm boasts advanced features that enable it to automatically discern the quality of links and penalize or ignore those identified as spam or of poor quality. The blog post explores the original intention behind the creation of Google’s disavow tool, designed as a measure of last resort for websites that find themselves grappling with severe penalties due to an accumulation of harmful backlinks. However, the emphasis is on the hidden risks associated with the tool, which might not be immediately obvious upon first examination.


Chain Links representing links that should not be disavowed

“Google has made significant strides in how it evaluates links, making the disavow tool essentially redundant for the majority of SEO scenarios we encounter,” Jim Kreinbrink, the founder of Hyper Dog Media, explains. “Our stance is informed by a deep understanding of these technological advancements. Instead of relying on disavowal, we advocate for the development of resilient SEO strategies that preempt the need for such extreme measures, choosing rather to concentrate on the generation of high-caliber content and the fostering of trust through effective link building.”

Hyper Dog Media’s blog post serves as a caution against precipitous decisions to use the disavow tool. The subtleties distinguishing harmful, neutral, and beneficial links are nuanced, and a misjudgment in this area could inadvertently sabotage a site’s SEO performance. Aligning with advice from Google’s own spokespeople, Hyper Dog Media concurs that the cons of disavowing links generally outweigh the pros unless there’s a manual penalty applied directly by Google.

“Our approach champions the pursuit of sustainable SEO success,” Kreinbrink continues. “Hasty decisions, such as the blanket disavowal of links, risk derailing the strategic objectives we’ve set for our clients. Our methodology is to adopt strategies that organically elevate our clients’ online authority and reputation in a positive and lasting way.”

By articulating their insights and the rationale behind this critical policy, Hyper Dog Media seeks to cast light on their nuanced and sophisticated understanding of SEO. This policy informs their wide array of services, including but not limited to, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization, and social media optimization. Their comprehensive strategy is aimed at enhancing a business’s online visibility without resorting to the expedient use of link disavowal. For more information about Hyper Dog Media and their services, visit their website. Such an approach is not only in accord with Google’s evolving algorithms but also embodies best practices that define successful SEO strategies in the contemporary digital landscape. This alignment assures a forward-looking and dynamic digital marketing strategy that further underscores the importance of a deep, strategic understanding of SEO beyond superficial fixes.


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