How To Think In The Age Of Information: New Anthology WHISPERS FROM THE ARROW OF TIME Presents Solutions To America’s Intellectual Decline


Retired US Army Brigadier General proposes ways to bridge America’s gap in critical thinking in new book from Palmetto Publishing

Whispers from the Arrow of Time


Charleston, SC, May 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Throughout his fifty-year-career working in intelligence operations, Brigadier General Wayne Michael Hall witnessed the war of wits America was playing and losing with its enemies. Hall believes a systemic “dumbing down” has led the country to a precipice and the only way to keep up with the demands and conflicts of the 21st century is to alter America’s way of thinking. Seeing the writing on the wall over the last three decades, he penned a series of essays to address the deficiencies he perceived in critical thinking, within the military and throughout society. Dissecting the theory of information as it relates to conflict, he presents an anthology of essays with solutions for leveling the playing field and boosting America’s intelligence. 

In Whispers from the Arrow of Time, Hall highlights the decline of military thinking capabilities, emphasizing the role artificial intelligence has played in people’s ability to engage in complex thinking – a decline he feels has trickled into the mainstream with people often accepting misleading or false data on social media as fact. Proposing alternatives for what he considers an intellectual decline endemic, Hall illustrates how analysis alone is not enough to stay competitive. He believes that to stay ahead globally in both combat and economic competition people must also learn to effectively synthesize information. Additionally, he tackles the concept of quality control, calling for changes in the way the standards that comprise the meaning and quality of conclusions, facts, evidence, and truth are defined. Advocating for lifelong learning, Hall’s essays provide practical advice on how to overcome America’s failings and offer foundational theories to inspire better thinking and planning in relation to the arrow of time. 

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About the Author:

Wayne Michael “Mike” Hall, Brigadier General, US Army (Retired), is a career intelligence officer with over fifty years of experience in intelligence operations. After retiring, he worked with military and private corporations providing consulting services in intelligence-related matters for more than twelve years. He also created a two-week intensive seminar for intelligence analysts and collections specialists, centering on his book Intelligence Analysis: How to Think in Complex Environments. He holds a BS from the University of Nebraska, an MS from Kansas State University, an MMAS from the US Army CGSC, and an EdD from The George Washington University.


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