Hornbill Networks Consortium: Pioneering sustainability in Malaysian real estate


Hornbill Networks Consortium, a pioneering property developer in Malaysia, leads the sustainable real estate movement in the country by embracing green practices and innovation.

Sarawak, Malaysia, May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Discussions surrounding sustainability have heightened in recent years as the world becomes more aware of the current state of the climate and the risks accompanying it. The ripple effect extends to businesses, particularly the real estate sector, as it accounts for approximately 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. This matter has a massive impact on not only property developers but also homeowners and tenants.

With the introduction of significant legislation regarding sustainability at both international and local levels, the property industry is expected to contribute to the sustainable property agenda. However, although the propagation of the culture of sustainability has progressed in the real estate industry over the past years, many countries have yet to integrate sustainability into their property practices fully. It is worth underlining that the influence of sustainability in this landscape is so immense that the real estate industry adopted the language of sustainability, popularizing terminologies such as environmental footprint, triple bottom line, future-proofing, and carbon-neutral space.


As the global paradigm has shifted toward focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability standards, Asian countries have followed suit, contributing to the integration of sustainability in their policies and investments. Malaysia, in particular, with its growing role as a rapidly expanding property market in Asia, has to remain steadfast in championing sustainability. At the forefront of this movement is Hornbill Networks Consortium Sdn Bhd, an innovative property development company based in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, that has delivered first-rate homes and commercial properties for discerning buyers since 2020.

Hornbill Networks Consortium
Hornbill Networks Consortium

Despite being relatively new in the real estate construction industry, Hornbill Networks Consortium has recognized the changing consumer demand. A study on the factors determining the purchase decision of residential properties in Malaysia highlights that residents, with their growing concern about the impact of sustainable development on the environment, tend to purchase green residential areas.

Hornbill Networks Consortium, with its mission to deliver sustainable quality products at affordable rates while leveraging innovative technologies, positions itself as a leader in the movement toward sustainability in Malaysia. This commitment to connecting green to innovation illustrates the company’s worth as the recipient of the Entrepreneurship and Startup Award at the Sarawak Digital Economy Awards 2023.

Hanizam Hashim, the founder, CEO, and managing director of Hornbill Networks Consortium, shared, “We’ve seen that the market, especially within the construction industry for building homes, has not displayed significant changes over the years. As a new entrant, we naturally found ourselves in a niche that allows us to contribute to the global efforts in combating climate change. With this, we hope to set an example to other companies to strive for a greener future.” The visionary leader was honored with the title of The Most Outstanding CEO in Malaysia 100 Top CEO Awards 2022 for leading the company in employing an innovative approach to reshaping affordable housing with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In line with Hornbill Networks Consortium’s efforts toward sustainability, the company is installing solar panels in the homes they build and implementing rainwater harvesting systems. In addition, it uses a special chemical additive to improve soil quality and reduce the need for excessive granite or stones. The company also aims to incorporate recycled plastic materials into its building processes next year to replace traditional timber with eco-friendly alternatives. “Aside from these sustainability efforts, we also empower homeowners to foster a greener, self-sufficient lifestyle by cultivating their own vegetable gardens,” the CEO added.

The promising real estate player aims to focus on the underserved M40 segment in Kuching from 2020 to 2025. Its current venture, the Residensi Kuching project, caters to both the B40 and M40 populations. Samariang Avenue, the company’s other ongoing project, consists of two units of Single Storey Semi Detach, 28 units of Double Storey Terrace, and 60 units of Single Storey Terrace. Samariang Avenue Phase 2 is set to launch in December 2023, offering 28 units of Double Storey Terrace houses.

When asked about the company’s vision for the future, the forward-looking founder remarked, “We are foreseeing challenges in sourcing materials because of global supply chain disruptions, especially due to socio-political conflicts happening in several parts of the world. So, we plan to focus on local alternatives to mitigate risks and also minimize costs. We believe that by doing this, we can strategically ensure we could offer affordable homes while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Hornbill Networks Consortium also plans to tap into opportunities such as green bonds and sustainability-linked loans to not only boost its eco-friendly initiatives but also offer customers additional financial benefits. Ultimately, the future is bright for Hornbill Networks Consortium as it shows dedication in spearheading innovation and sustainability efforts in Malaysia by anticipating future challenges and opening itself to the shifting trends in the real estate sector.

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