Pittsburgh, PA, Feb. 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Himalaya Technologies, Inc. (OTC: HMLA; “Himalaya”), a pioneer in health and wellness advancements, is thrilled to announce the first shipments of “FOMO Healthy Energy”, the most anticipated super health drink of the year. As of today, a select group of esteemed advisors and shareholders will be the first to taste and experience the unparalleled benefits of this vitamin-packed, protein-fortified beverage.

FOMO Healthy Energy represents a breakthrough in nutritional science, offering not only an energy boost but also a wealth of health benefits. Developed with meticulous research and development, the drink’s formula is uniquely designed to mix effortlessly with water and smoothies, providing a convenient and delicious way to enhance daily health routines. Our first-of-its-kind formula with fruit flavoring boasts the addition of mature hops, known for their substantial weight loss properties, making FOMO Healthy Energy an essential tool for anyone looking to support their fitness goals. This superfood ingredient not only amplifies the health effects but also complements the drink’s natural flavors, creating a taste profile that is both refreshing and invigorating.

“The launch of FOMO Healthy Energy is a milestone moment for Himalaya Technologies and its affiliates that have worked on this rollout for over two years,” said Vik Grover, CEO. “We believe that what we consume should not only energize us but also contribute to our overall well-being. With FOMO Healthy Energy, consumers no longer have to compromise on taste for nutrition or vice versa. Later versions of the product may include super fruits from Australia known for their revolutionary anti-inflammatory health benefits, fighting high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and respiratory viruses including COVID. FOMO Healthy Energy raises the bar for the myriad other products in this space with its proprietary, non-caffeinated health formula that people will crave and repeat buy.”


Eagerly anticipated, FOMO Healthy Energy has already garnered significant interest from health enthusiasts and industry experts alike. As recipients sample their exclusive first taste, Himalaya Technologies looks forward to their feedback on the unique flavor and transformative health effects. Joining this tasting program is Himalaya Advisory Board member Debbie Wildrick, who previously ran a multi-billion dollar beverage division of 7-11 and Tropicana (PepsiCo).

FOMO Healthy Energy will launch to the public soon as a premium powdered drink, signaling a new era in health beverages. Consumers can expect to find FOMO Healthy Energy available online and at select retailers nationwide following the initial feedback phase. Later, Himalaya plans to launch a FOMO branded canned beverage in local markets, online, and worldwide to drive rapid revenue generation and growth. Upon proof of commercialization of the FOMO beverage, Himalaya expects to be granted trademark protection on “FOMO” as a health and beauty drink by the USPTO which should fortify this product initiative’s market position.

For more information about FOMO Healthy Energy and other Himalaya Technologies Inc. products, please visit our website at www.himalayatechnologies.com and stay tuned for our broader marketing effort at www.igotfomo.io (under construction). FOMO Healthy Energy – Don’t miss out on unparalleled wellness!

About Himalaya Technologies, Inc.

Himalaya Technologies, Inc. (https://www.himalayatechnologies.com/) is a publicly traded entity (OTC: HMLA) focusing on minority and majority investments in businesses seeking access to growth capital to fulfill their own business plans and create value for their stakeholders and the Company’s debt and equity investors. The Company is a leading innovator in the health and wellness industry, dedicated to developing products that enhance and revolutionize the way we think about personal health. With a commitment to purity, quality, and sustainability, Himalaya Technologies is on a mission to bring cutting-edge health solutions to the global market. The Company’s Infood Technologies, Inc. unit (https://www.infood.tech/) offers indoor farming products and services to K12, colleges, government, and commercial customers. Its Everest Networks, Inc. subsidiary is developing social sites at multiple domains while its K2 Leisure, LLC business is developing leisure wear and products for B2C and B2B sales. The Company is preparing to launch a healthy energy beverage and formula under the “FOMO” brand under notice of allowance for trademark by the USPTO and is developing utility crypto tokens for e-commerce, rewards, and other value-add (The EVEREST Token @ https://www.theeveresttoken.com/ and The FOMO Token under development). Himalaya is an affiliate of FOMO WORLDWIDE, INC. (OTC: FOMC; https://www.fomoworldwide.com/).

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