From Learning to Thriving: Oda Class’ Impact on Millions of Students and Families


BANGALORE, India, May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — According to the ASER report, the incidence of private tuition in 2022 has risen to 30%, a significant increase from 25% in 2018. The report highlights the crucial role played by edtech companies in making private tuition more affordable for families with average incomes.

Edtechs make private tuition more affordable for families with average incomes (PRNewsfoto/Oda Class)

Dual-teacher System, An Efficient Approach to Online Education


After two years with Oda Class, parents of 9th grader Abhiram noticed changes in his learning and time management skills. Abhiram says Oda Class taught him how to learn and enjoy the process.

A report by Inc42 shows that two factors emerged as crucial for online education: learning experience and mentorship. Both require a high degree of personalization, which places a demand on the education model and the technology behind it.

Mahima, a 10-year-old student from a rural area, was stressed about learning abstract physics concepts. She regained hope after she tried Oda Class’s online course. In Oda Class, most advanced live technology makes all study experience efficient and intelligent, and live physics experiments are conducted to aid children’s understanding of concepts.

“Oda Class uses a fun and easy-to-understand approach to lessons. I’m always encouraged to learn more and find the right answer. This has changed the way I view learning. Oda Class is also more affordable than private tuition in my neighborhood, which means my family doesn’t have to cut back on food expenses because of me.”

Using leading technology and a dual-teacher system, Oda Class ensures better live online learning for students. In the dual-teacher model, one teacher takes care of the class and the other tutor provides personal attention to help students with their individual concerns, which greatly enhances the learning experience and the effectiveness of personalized tutoring.

From Learning Knowledge to Understanding and Using Technology Effectively

Vedant Hamirwasia, Director of Oda Class, is fueled by a profound sense of purpose for the development of edtech industry in India, saying: Oda Class not only helps students, but also involves families and assists those who are less tech-savvy, enabling all parents to participate in their children’s learning and help them thrive in the digital age.

Oda Class gains insights into student performance with data-driven technology. Monthly parent-teacher conferences and weekly reports engage families and allow them to participate in developing their students’ potential.

After witnessing how the young, enthusiastic teachers at Oda Class interacted with his son and how they made learning fun, the father of one young student Avik, began to embrace having his child take online classes and felt that the daily learning reports and tutors greatly reduced his apprehension.

Vedant mentioned that Oda Class has witnessed a significant growth in the number of students, resulting in over 50,000 hours of courses being delivered. With a growth mindset and a strong commitment to progress, Oda Class plans to expand its workforce from 750 to 1,000 in the future and will work to revolutionize the education landscape through technological innovation and professional services.

Vedant revealed that Oda Class has delivered over 50,000 hours of courses. With a growth mindset and commitment to progress, Oda Class plans to expand its workforce from 750 to 1,000 and revolutionize the education landscape through technological innovation and professional services.

The impact EdTech on education is boundless. With a focus on innovation and accessibility, EdTech companies like Oda Class are leveraging technology to deliver affordable, high-quality learning content to students from all backgrounds. paving the way for a brighter future for individuals, families, and communities across India.

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