From Grief to Relief: Neuroscientist, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller,, Unveils a Transformative Approach to Overcoming the Emotional Hangover of Leaving a Narcissist


Findlay, Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Findlay, Ohio –

In a significant development for those seeking narcissistic abuse recovery, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller,, a distinguished neuroscientist and acclaimed relationship authority, has recently devised her groundbreaking approach to help individuals transition from grief to relief after leaving personal and professional narcissistic relationships. Her latest research offers new hope and simple, easy, practical strategies for those grappling with the complex emotional aftermath of such challenging partnerships.

Understanding the Emotional Hangover: The impact of narcissistic relationships often leaves individuals in a state of emotional turmoil, a condition frequently referred to as an ’emotional hangover.’ This state can manifest as a debilitating mix of grief, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and confusion, significantly affecting mental health and overall well-being.


Overcoming the Narcissistic Emotional Hangover

Three Essential Tips for Recovery:

Embrace Positivity: A positive mindset is crucial in healing from the trauma of narcissistic entanglement. Practices like gratitude journaling, mindfulness, and positive affirmations are recommended to foster a healthier emotional state.

Rebuilding Self-Identity: It’s common for individuals to lose a sense of self in toxic relationships. Rediscovering personal values, strengths, and aspirations is a vital step in narcissist survivor support.

Strategic Emotional Release: Techniques in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy can be instrumental in releasing pent-up emotions, aiding in transforming these feelings into sources of strength.

The Transformative Power of Personalized Sessions: Personalized sessions offer a unique blend of neuroscience and psychological strategies tailored to individual needs. These sessions are particularly beneficial for those recovering from narcissistic aftermath, providing empowerment and effective coping mechanisms for long-term resilience.

A Visionary Approach: The methodology employed in these sessions is not just about empowerment; it’s about envisioning a future free from the shadows of past relationships. It ensures that clients globally find harmony and balance in their lives post-recovery.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Neuroscientist and Leading Authority in Healthy Relationships“In navigating the aftermath of such relationships, it’s more than moving past the pain. It’s also about rediscovering and embracing one’s inner being complete with their desires and dreams so that they can move forward with a new sense of self,” states Dr. Adams-Miller. This perspective is central to her approach, focusing on holistic healing and personal growth to overcome the narcissistic emotional hangover left behind after the relationship ends.

The work of Dr. Adams-Miller in this field offers a comprehensive solution for those struggling with the aftermath of narcissistic relationships. With extensive knowledge in neuroscience and relationships, her approach provides a pathway to turn challenging experiences into opportunities for personal development and emotional freedom.

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller:

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, PhD x3, CMNLP, NFB, BFB, MCCHt, is an Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, and CEO of The RED Carpet Connection Publicity, Publishing, and Talent Agency and CEO of Known as The Dream Maker, she makes visionaries’ dreams come true bigger than they ever dare to desire. As a super-connector with a 15 Billion Dollar Rolodex and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, she solves complex problems.

Her expertise has had her speak internationally in several countries, including the Bahamas, Dubai, Egypt, and France, for businesses like Sony and Google. She has been interviewed on 2500+ radio shows and podcasts, 20/20, E! News, WebMD, Prime, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX The LA Tribune, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Giuliana & Bill, and more.

As a neuroscientist, she has several PhDs, and she is a certified NLP trainer, clinical hypnotherapy trainer, master neurolinguistic practitioner, and master clinical hypnotherapist. She is additionally certified as a biofeedback practitioner and neurofeedback practitioner. She has been twice invited as a featured speaker for the World Congress of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. She has experience, authenticity, and integrity for building lasting relationships and creating breakthrough ideas and innovations.

Using all these skillsets, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller has been revered as the Leading Authority in Healthy Relationships that affect business and the bedroom through These businesses working with highly affluent businesses, celebrity individuals, and couples led her to develop the three niche areas of relationships.

The three niche areas are relationships with media through, LLC, business and publicity consulting, relationships with those close to use personally and professionally through, and the relationships with self within the mind,, Institute of Authentic and Ethical Business and Personal Development.

Realizing that a smile helps one to overcome any challenge, Dr. Adams-Miller cofounded, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dental and mental health organization where she serves as the Executive Director. The mission to save lives through smiles occurs as the neurotransmitters released with a smile create a DOSE of HOPE (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins that encourage one to hold on; pain eases), helping people to be resilient no matter the challenge.

She lives with her husband, Tom, on a 50-acre farm in Ohio, where they frequently spend time with their three adult daughters, Destiny, Devony, and Demiya. Dr. Andrea loves acting, comedy, theater, travel, swimming, cats, and being Glamma to Mavis and Warren, her grandchildren.

For more information or to book a personal breakthrough session, contact [email protected] or call 419-722-6931. Additional resources and a free masterclass are available at

In conclusion, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller’s innovative approach offers a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenging aftermath of narcissistic relationships. Her unique blend of neuroscience, neurolinguistic programming, and hypnotherapy, combined with her deep understanding of human relationships, provides individuals with the tools and strategies needed for emotional healing and personal growth. By focusing on positivity, rebuilding self-identity, and strategic emotional release, her methods empower individuals to transform their experiences of grief and confusion into opportunities for resilience and self-discovery. This comprehensive approach not only aids in recovery but also paves the way for a future of emotional freedom and well-being.


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