Freedom on Wheels – MagicMobility Bridges the Gap for Those in Need


MagicMobility is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between donors and families lacking a wheelchair van.

Lakewood, New Jersey, Feb. 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —



Picture a world where a doctor’s appointment becomes an ordeal, not because of medical reasons, but simply because of the hassle involved in accessing transportation for the disabled. This is the harsh reality for countless underprivileged individuals who can’t afford their own adapted vehicles. They also yearn for the freedom to explore, socialize, and enjoy the everyday experiences of life.

To meet the needs of many facing this dilemma, Daniel Goodman, a regular guy, former high school principal, and father of a child with special needs started an organization to help those lacking their own adapted vehicles. Despite not having extraordinary resources or connections, he had a big heart and determination to make a difference.

Mr. Goodman, deeply touched by the challenges of his child with special needs, understood the feeling firsthand. After seeing how happy his child was with a wheelchair van, he felt the despair of those who could not afford an expensive adapted vehicle. In 2006, he founded MagicMobility Vans, a non-profit organization dedicated to filling the void to help those less fortunate. As the founder expresses, “Together, we can create a special world: a world of love, a kinder world, a world that celebrates life and all of its challenges.” Driven by the belief that mobility shouldn’t be just a privilege, MagicMobility aims to bridge the gap between generous donors and families in dire need.

The organization faces numerous challenges, including the many requests and the difficulty in finding donors willing to donate their used wheelchair vans. These vans can be lifelines, granting children the opportunity to play with friends, seniors the chance to connect with friends and loved ones, and disabled veterans the ability to rediscover independence.

MagicMobility is always looking for a wheelchair-accessible van or a minivan in good condition that can be converted for those in need. The organization will provide verification, enabling a full, fair market value tax deduction for the donor. MagicMobility also seeks financial donations to refurbish, adapt, or purchase the vans. Every monetary donation and every van gifted is a testament to the organization’s motto: Together, we can create a special world.

The nonprofit organization works diligently to cater to each one’s special needs. Matching a reliable vehicle to the specific needs that each family requires, involves meticulous care. MagicMobility assesses the total situation to ensure that every donation has a tangible impact and is indeed a life-changing gift.

The founder strongly advocates ‘investment’ in the initiative, “What better dividend can you get from an investment than having a family wake up every day, and thank God, that they have such a vehicle? That’s the best dividend you could ever get for your investment.”

The stories of families who have received these adapted vans are countless, each woven with threads of gratitude and newfound hope. One such story is that of the mother who sent a picture of her son smiling in his new van as the ‘happiest boy in the world’. Receiving a van from MagicMobility allowed him to finally go out, socialize with his family and friends, and enjoy an ice cream cone in the park. His laughter, an example of the organization’s impact, echoes the countless lives touched by their efforts.

Mr. Goodman summarizes the goals of MagicMobility as, “Addressing the mobility crisis for those without the financial means across the country requires a multi-faceted approach. Due to the lack of adequate funding from insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid, we are stepping in to help achieve equitable access for those most in need.”

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