Flash News: OKX to adjust weightings of components for several indexes


NASSAU, the Bahamas, Dec. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKX, a leading crypto exchange and Web3 technology company, has issued updates for December 17, 2023.

OKX today announced that it will adjust the components and their weights of several indexes at 6:00 am – 8:00 am UTC on December 19, 2023 to improve liquidity and stability. The adjusted index prices will be calculated by weighting the prices of the new components according to their updated weights.

Component adjustment details are as follows:


Index Exchange Pair Weight
Before After
BNT/USDT OKX BNT/USDT 33.30%   45.45%  
Binance BNT/USDT 33.30%   45.45%  
Gate BNT/USDT 33.30%   9.09%  
CEL/USDT OKX CEL/USDT 25.00%   50.00%  
Bybit CEL/USDT 25.00%   30.00%  
Mxc CEL/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Gate CEL/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
CORE/USD OKX CORE/USDT 25.00%   50.00%  
Mxc CORE/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Gate CORE/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Bybit CORE/USDT 25.00%   30.00%  
CORE/USDT OKX CORE/USDT 25.00%   50.00%  
Mxc CORE/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Gate CORE/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Bybit CORE/USDT 25.00%   30.00%  
CRV/USD OKX CRV/USDT 20.00%   26.32%  
Binance CRV/USDT 20.00%   26.32%  
Coinbase CRV/USD 20.00%   15.79%  
Kraken CRV/USD 20.00%   15.79%  
Bybit CRV/USDT 20.00%   15.79%  
EGLD/USD OKX EGLD/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
Binance EGLD/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
Crypto EGLD/USDT 20.00%   17.65%  
Kucoin EGLD/USDT 20.00%   5.88%  
Coinbase EGLD/USD 20.00%   17.65%  
EGLD/USDT OKX EGLD/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
Binance EGLD/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
Crypto EGLD/USDT 20.00%   17.65%  
Kucoin EGLD/USDT 20.00%   5.88%  
Bybit EGLD/USDT 20.00%   17.65%  
GODS/USDT OKX GODS/USDT 33.30%   71.43%  
Mxc GODS/USDT 33.30%   14.29%  
Kucoin GODS/USDT 33.30%   14.29%  
IOTA/USD OKX IOTA/USDT 25.00%   41.67%  
Binance IOTA/USDT 25.00%   41.67%  
Bitfinex IOTA/USD 25.00%   8.33%  
Kucoin IOTA/USDT 25.00%   8.33%  
KSM/USD Binance KSM/BTC 20.00%   29.41%  
Kucoin KSM/USDT 20.00%   5.88%  
Kraken KSM/USD 20.00%   17.65%  
Coinbase KSM/USD 20.00%   17.65%  
OKX KSM/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
LRC/USD Binance LRC/BTC 20.00%   29.41%  
Coinbase LRC/USD 20.00%   17.65%  
OKX LRC/USDT 20.00%   29.41%  
Kucoin LRC/USDT 20.00%   5.88%  
Crypto LRC/USD 20.00%   17.65%  
OMG/USDT OKX OMG/USDT 25.00%   35.71%  
Binance OMG/USDT 25.00%   35.71%  
Kucoin OMG/USDT 25.00%   7.14%  
Bybit OMG/USDT 25.00%   21.43%  
RACA/USDT Kucoin RACA/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
OKX RACA/USDT 25.00%   50.00%  
Gate RACA/USDT 25.00%   10.00%  
Bitget RACA/USDT 25.00%   30.00%  
REN/USD Binance REN/USDT 25.00%   35.71%  
OKX REN/USDT 25.00%   35.71%  
Bitget REN/USDT 25.00%   21.43%  
Kucoin REN/USDT 25.00%   7.14%  
TRX/BTC OKX TRX/BTC 20.00%   38.46%  
Binance TRX/BTC 20.00%   38.46%  
OKX_INDEX TRX/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
Bybit TRX/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
Gate TRX/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
USTC/USD OKX USTC/USDT 20.00%   38.46%  
Kucoin USTC/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
Gate USTC/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
Mxc USTC/USDT 20.00%   7.69%  
Binance USTC/USDT 20.00%   38.46%  
WOO/USDT OKX WOO/USDT 20.00%   33.33%  
Kucoin WOO/USDT 20.00%   6.67%  
Gate WOO/USDT 20.00%   6.67%  
Binance WOO/USDT 20.00%   33.33%  
Bybit WOO/USDT 20.00%   20.00%  
XRP/USD Bitstamp XRP/USD 20.00%   6.67%  
OKX XRP/BTC 20.00%   33.33%  
Binance XRP/BTC 20.00%   33.33%  
Kraken XRP/USD 20.00%   20.00%  
Bitfinex XRP/USD 20.00%   6.67%  
YFI/USD Binance YFI/USDT 25.00%   31.25%  
OKX YFI/USDT 25.00%   31.25%  
Coinbase YFI/USD 25.00%   18.75%  
Bitget YFI/USDT 25.00%   18.75%  
YFII/USDT OKX YFII/USDT 33.33%   71.43%  
Gate YFII/USDT 33.33%   14.29%  
Hitbtc YFII/USDT 33.33%   14.29%  

Index Price Computation
The index price is calculated by weighting the prices of components based on their respective weights. For more details, please refer to Spot index prices.

Component adjustments can cause an index’s mark price to fluctuate, affecting the corresponding instrument’s margin and contract trading markets. Users are advised to take necessary measures before an adjustment, such as reducing positions, adding margin, lowering leverage or even closing positions to avoid potential risks introduced by market volatility.

Risk warning: The foregoing overview and information, some of which may be provided by third parties and not OKX, are for informational and educational purposes only. OKX does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein and such information does not constitute any representation, warranty nor any financial, investment or other form of advice by OKX. Such information may not be suitable for all persons; it should not be relied upon in connection with a particular investor’s trading; and, is not intended to be, nor should be construed as, an offer, recommendation or solicitation. Such information is also not intended for persons who reside in jurisdictions where providing such information would violate the laws or regulations of such jurisdiction. Digital assets are highly speculative and subject to high volatility, may become illiquid at any time, and that investors may lose the entire value of their investment. Before trading any digital asset, you should do your own research and evaluate your risk appetite. OKX is not responsible for any losses which you may incur from trading digital assets. Please refer to Terms of Service and Risk & Compliance Disclosure for more information.

For any inquiries regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact us via the OKX Telegram group or the Support Center.

For further information, please contact:
[email protected]

About OKX

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As a top partner of English Premier League champions Manchester City FC, McLaren Formula 1, Olympian Scotty James, and F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, OKX aims to supercharge the fan experience with new engagement opportunities. OKX is also the top partner of the Tribeca Festival as part of an initiative to bring more creators into web3.

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