FFST, a novel fusion of social media, group-purchasing, and e-commerce platforms, announces its global expansion strategy


DENVER, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FFST, a cutting-edge amalgamation of social media, group-purchasing, and e-commerce, has recently unveiled its globalization strategy. The company envisages setting up operational centers and employing localized strategies in nations such as Japan and Korea, proffering unprecedented growth opportunities to a global customer base.

FFST’s multifaceted model synergizes four key functions: social messaging, group-purchasing e-commerce, sharing economy, and new media advertising. The new media advertising component empowers users with full ownership and profit rights over their actions. By watching video ads, users reap dividends; the platform channels 70% of the ad revenue to recruit user traffic for shared benefits, heightening brand awareness and encouraging universal participation—casting each user as a stakeholder.


In group-purchasing e-commerce sector, FFST consistently integrates highly approved products, offering high-value goods at cost-effective prices to its users. With the sharing economy blueprint, every user becomes a promoter, relishing the benefits generated by promotion, with the incentive reaching up to 85% of the user’s profit. The social messaging module interlinks users worldwide, redefining the relationship between users, merchants, the platform, and promoters. Everyone may don multiple hats and, via the social module, build a personal brand image, accumulate an audience, and cultivate a fanbase.

In the e-commerce sector, FFST is split into three working regions: Exercises, ZoneA, and ZoneB, each with varying pricing and yields. Users can unlock different profit levels based on their membership tiers. Whether you’re a user or a promoter, FFST offers suitable incentives to facilitate revenue generation.

Technologically, FFST relies on an ever-evolving robust technical architecture, high-latency framework, top-notch services, and localized operating strategies. The company aims to offer a new toolkit that provides potent revenue-generating tools and a vast community for all its users. With constant feedback and iterative upgrades, FFST can meet user needs with increasing precision.

FFST’s inception was driven by a mission to empower those confined to their homes to generate income. Regardless of their employment status, individuals can work freely anywhere, anytime, using a smartphone or a computer. For advertisers, FFST’s massive, precise traffic pool offers an exceptional platform for brand promotion, global community establishment, and product distribution. For users, the new media section of FFST offers an avenue for revenue generation, redefining the relationship between advertisers and users, allowing the latter to truly benefit from their user behavior.

In terms of payment, FFST respects user privacy and places great emphasis on payment security. The platform has incorporated cryptocurrency payments, simplifying online transactions without the need for registration, and just a wallet. This approach significantly reduces the complexity of cross-border payments, minimizes transaction fees, and significantly eases the process for users.

FFST reveals that in response to the escalating user demand, future platform enhancements will be focused on AI, SocialFi, and Web3.0, with considerable tech investment. Simultaneously, a comprehensive user ecosystem will be built to provide an unmatched user experience. The aim is to deeply excavate user value, genuinely return the platform’s profits to the users, and construct a new generation of new media social group-purchasing e-commerce platform for the Web3.0 era.


Spearheaded and operated by FFST GROUP INC, FFST is a part of an advertising conglomerate that encompasses product planning, design development, product promotion, assisting businesses in inventory consumption, brand operation, e-commerce sales, and enhancing global brand operation management capabilities. The company boasts an experienced team of designers

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