Federal Cryptocurrency Defense Lawyer John Helms Clarifies the Laws Surrounding Cryptocurrency on Coffee With Q Podcast.


Cryptocurrency Alert – Exchanges Defraud Investor – If you have been impacted by Cryptocurrency scams you must listen to the podcast.

Grand Cayman , July 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Esteemed legal expert John Helms is set to make a significant appearance on the popular podcast “Coffee With Q” to shed light on the complex laws and legalities surrounding cryptocurrency. The podcast episode is scheduled to air July 15th and promises to provide invaluable insights for both crypto enthusiasts and those wary of the digital currency’s potential pitfalls.


Federal Cryptocurrency Defense Lawyer John Helms

John Helms, renowned for his expertise in financial law, will delve into the intricacies of cryptocurrency regulations, offering a clear understanding of this often misunderstood domain. With the rising popularity of digital currencies, there has been an increase in dubious exchanges and fraudulent activities. Many have fallen victim to scams, losing significant sums of money. Helms’ discussion aims to equip listeners with the knowledge to navigate the crypto currency landscape safely.

In addition to his legal insights, John Helms will highlight his team’s collaboration with FBI agents helping identify the different types of fraud perpetrated in these dark crypto currency scams that are currently proliferating on platforms like Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Victims of such scams can find solace in knowing that law enforcement professionals are actively working to bring these criminals to justice and protecting consumers from further harm. Crypto scam forums have been created on Quora and Reddit, where crypto frauds are being discussed with crypto currency traders who have been defrauded.

“Cryptocurrency is an exciting yet complex field. Understanding the laws that govern it are crucial for anyone involved,” said John Helms. “I look forward to demystifying these regulations and providing listeners with the tools they need to protect themselves from fraud.”

Tune into “Coffee With Q” to gain essential insights from John Helms and learn how to safeguard your investments in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

About John Helms: John Helms is both a trial lawyer and appellate lawyer, with a wealth of experience in financial and securities law. John’s courtroom background as civil litigator, and criminal defense attorney and as a former Assistant United States Attorney(AUSA) for the Northern District of Texas provides an added advantage when representing his clients.

John has litigated all types of criminal cases on behalf of both the accused and the United States government, as well as civil cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. John’s criminal defense experience includes white-collar crime cases, including insider trading, and bank wire fraud to embezzlement, for individuals charged with financial fraud crimes using computers and the Internet.

He’s successfully advocated for numerous clients in civil and criminal cases involving financial and securities fraud, this background is perfectly suited for cryptocurrency disputes. Helms is dedicated to educating the public about legal matters and helping victims of financial crimes traverse the criminal and civil justice system. While serving as a federal prosecutor John achieved an enviable record, never losing a trial or an appeal.

About “Coffee With Q”: “Coffee With Q” is a widely-followed podcast that features subject matter experts from various fields, providing listeners with valuable knowledge and insights. Hosted by legal news reporter Rene Perras and digital data expert Qamar Zaman, the podcast covers a broad range of topics, making complex subjects easily accessible and understandable for all.

The legal news reporter team, headed by Rene Perras, is conducting an in-depth investigation into scams involving fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges

This investigation has already identified several exchanges that are defrauding investors.

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Stay informed, stay safe, and tune in to “Coffee With Q” for a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency laws.

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