Evo Pricing announces partnership with Dante Genomics to work toward a healthier future


Evo Pricing, an AI software development company, is announcing its partnership with Dante Genomics, a global leader in genomics and precision medicine, to offer full DNA sequencing.

London, United Kingdom , April 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Evo Pricing is partnering with Dante Genomics to offer full DNA sequencing to employees in an effort to improve their well-being while further expanding the adoption of AI technology into the healthcare industry.

Evo Pricing is one of the first companies in Europe to offer, as a part of their benefits program, free and complete DNA sequencing to all employees and ecosystem partners who enroll. This bridges the affordability and awareness gap that Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo Pricing, has identified as preventing most people from capturing the benefits of DNA sequencing as a preventive health measure.

Other DNA sequencing services that have become popular over recent years only analyze a small portion of about 1% to 2% of a person’s DNA, whereas the sequencing being offered by Dante Genomics is unique in that it analyzes the entirety of an individual’s genetic profile. Dante will be providing needleless, at-home blood collection kits for its premium clinical whole genome sequencing test, making it easier than ever and virtually painless for individuals to collect their blood sample on their own without having to travel to a hospital or have direct interaction with a mobile phlebotomist. These private, secure and convenient testing kits can be completed by anyone in just a few minutes with results shared to each person individually.

“We chose Dante because of its superior offering: by looking at the entire genomic profile, their easy-to-use service allows our people to identify important information in regard to a broader set of genetic diseases, allergies, risk factors, and other critical health data” says Fantini. “Our business generally is to make managers and companies successful, and this partnership will certainly do that, but in this particular case, it’s interesting because not only are we making them successful, but we are also discovering something ourselves which is scientifically and personally interesting”.

Fantini is excited to pursue preventative healthcare, and DNA sequencing specifically, from a research aspect as it is still a fairly new practice that is likely to become mainstream in the near future. By offering it now to his workforce, he is helping lead the way into healthier practices and wider understandings of human health.

Partnering with Dante Genomics is providing Evo Pricing with the opportunity to expand their offering and continue to research new AI solutions that can help with the go-to-market of DNA sequencing and other high value-add healthcare services. The goal is to build a new AI service so that Dante Labs can position themselves as market leaders in genetic offerings. The Evo’s AI service can increase targeting and reduce the cost of building awareness of the relevance of DNA sequencing to the broader population. With more awareness of the advantages of genetic sequencing in the market, both Evo and Dante Genomics will grow.

Eventually, Evo Pricing and Dante Genomics want to apply their research to allow more patients and doctors to leverage DNA sequencing for the prevention and more effective treatment of disease. By doing this, they will be able to have a large impact on government spending on healthcare while improving the health of people worldwide.

Dante Genomics has a highly specialized workforce of individuals with unique and often difficult-to-find expertise. They quickly become experts in the projects they are working on and are highly valued not just for their skills, but also for their ability to quickly master complexity. By taking up AI-driven solutions, Dante Genomics can foster critical learnings towards the well-being of communities at large. Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Genomics, says that “the power of the genome and its impact on healthcare is still poorly understood by healthcare practitioners and the broader population. We see a tremendous opportunity in partnerships like this one with Evo to use AI to deliver genomic insights to people and build awareness that grows global adoption for a healthier future for everyone”.

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