Estonia creates history by becoming the first Central European country to allow same-sex marriage


On the 20th of June, the government of Estonia legalized same-sex marriage and became the first central European country to take such an initiative. Same-sex marriage is legal in most Western European countries but not in central Europe, which were also nations under communist rule and now members of NATO and the EU.

The bill has attained 55 votes in favor out of the total seats of 101 in the parliament. The votes were a combination of social and liberal democratic parties, which Prime Minister Kaja Kallas has assembled through her win in the 2023 elections. The law will be in effect from 2024.

Same-sex marriage legalizes two individuals to marry irrespective of their gender. The law has been enforced which will bring about certain amendments in the Family Law Act of the country which will also allow the couple to adopt the children.


PM Kallas stated that every individual should have the right to marry the person they love and would be able to commit to it. This step will bring us on par with other Nordic countries and other nations of the world where equality has been given to the matter of marriage.

She added further that the new decision does not take away anything from the masses but instead gives something valuable to them. It also shows that our society is respectful and caring towards each other. A survey was undertaken by the Estonian Human Rights Centre in April this year and it was understood that 53% of the population believes that same-gender partners should have the right to marry each other.

This observation was recorded to be the highest since 2012. Back then, 60% of people voted against the idea of marriage for the LGBTQ community. In 2016, same-sex relationship was being acknowledged in the country but it didn’t allow the right to marry the partner. This development has surely done justice to many people and brought about a new change for them.