Empowered Eczema: Michelle Mills Transforms Lives Through Natural Healing


Sub-headline: Discover the power of natural methodologies and the unwavering dedication of Michelle Mills, founder of Empowered Eczema. Through coaching, courses, and empowering content, Michelle’s brand aims to revolutionize the eczema community, providing valuable resources and support to transform lives and foster holistic healing.

Michelle Mills


New York, USA, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Michelle Mills, a passionate entrepreneur, and esteemed influencer, has dedicated herself to empowering individuals afflicted by eczema through natural methodologies. With her brand, Empowered Eczema, Michelle has built a thriving community, offering expert guidance and resources to help individuals on their healing journeys.

Michelle’s journey began on YouTube, where she shared her personal experience with eczema healing. The overwhelming response from viewers seeking guidance inspired her to become a certified health coach. Since establishing Empowered Eczema in 2018, Michelle has coached individuals on natural eczema healing through diet, supplements, and mindset, while also launching a self-guided course and offering private consultations.

At the heart of Empowered Eczema is Michelle’s dedication to educating and inspiring her audience. Through engaging infographics on Instagram, she imparts valuable knowledge on eczema-friendly foods, and skincare recommendations, and advocates for the Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) movement. Michelle’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok enables her to uplift and support individuals in the eczema community, creating content that empowers and educates.

As part of her commitment to providing valuable resources, Michelle offers a complimentary ebook titled “Itch Less in 3 Days” to all visitors of her website. This resource provides practical insights and strategies to alleviate itching associated with eczema within a concise timeframe, empowering individuals to manage their symptoms and enhance their overall well-being.

Michelle’s journey as an entrepreneur has not been without its challenges. She faced imposter syndrome and self-doubt, questioning the viability of building a business centered around a niche like eczema. However, she overcame these obstacles through resilience and daily mindset practices, solidifying her belief in her niche and her ability to make a meaningful impact.

Looking towards the future, Michelle envisions organizing retreats that provide individuals with immersive healing experiences. These retreats would combine educational workshops, therapeutic activities, and a supportive community environment to foster well-being. She is also launching a new course focused on healing candida naturally, addressing an underlying cause of eczema symptoms.

Michelle’s dream is to expand Empowered Eczema’s reach and impact, becoming a leading authority in the field of eczema healing. Through ongoing innovation and a deep commitment to providing valuable resources and support, she aims to empower individuals globally to overcome their eczema challenges and achieve optimal well-being.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Michelle offers a message of encouragement and resilience. She advises individuals to persist through the initial stages, staying committed to their vision and surrounding themselves with a supportive network. By embracing the journey with perseverance and confidence, they can build something meaningful and create a fulfilling livelihood.

For more information, please visit Empowered Eczema’s website at www.coachmichellemills.com or follow Michelle on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/theeczemacoach/?hl=en.

About Empowered Eczema:

Empowered Eczema, founded by Michelle Mills, is a brand dedicated to empowering individuals afflicted by eczema through natural methodologies. Michelle’s expertise as a certified health coach and her personal experience with eczema healing drive her commitment to providing valuable resources and support to the eczema community. Through coaching, self-guided courses, and engaging content, Empowered Eczema aims to transform lives and foster holistic healing.


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