ELINT Market Research Forecasts $74.6 Billion Global HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market by 2024, Driven by Consumer Demand and Technological Innovations


ELINT Market Research indicates significant growth potential for the HVAC maintenance services market, with projections reaching $70.3 billion by 2022. Continued consumer demand and market value escalation drive this trend, with further expansion expected to $74.6 billion by 2023, facilitated by innovations such as predictive maintenance programs and smart HVAC systems.

Albuquerque, April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the last data given by ELINT Market Research, the HVAC Maintenance Services Market is likely to gain higher traction over the coming years. The research report shows that the global market is projected to thrive since its value reach $70.3 billion by 2022. This forecast points to the rising consumer needs and the constant upward trajectory of market value. A trajectory carefully gaining ground is further elaborated in ELINT’s HVAC maintenance services procurement market research report, which estimates this segment to be valued at $74.6 billion by 2023. The innovations will bring more affordable and productive operations using predictive maintenance programs and smart HVAC systems.

The most recent procurement market analysis by ELINT Market Research will help develop an efficient and effective business strategy. Thus, stakeholders within the HVAC maintenance services market would effectively address a challenging scenario and seize new opportunities by utilizing procurement market information to formulate informed decisions. Such a strategy is data-driven, often consolidates the position, gives a competitive advantage over others on the market, and better adjusts to the changing conditions in the market.


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Technological Advancements and Regulatory Compliance Propel Growth in HVAC Maintenance Services Market

Some of the dynamic factors influencing the growth path of the HVAC maintenance services market include technological advancement, innovations with improved productivity and reduced downtime, and economically viable solutions with the integration of IoT, adoption of smart HVAC systems, and predictive maintenance solutions that have drastically enhanced the habitat for maintenance works. Other factors that have led to an increased demand for routine maintenance services are the rise in consumers who are now conscious of maximizing HVAC system efficiency and practicing ecological sustainability. The need for growing maintenance services is increasing with a growing number of installed HVAC systems in the industry, offering several opportunities for profitable growth of industry members.

Regulatory changes substantially influence the dynamics of HVAC maintenance services market operations. Adopting proper maintenance policies and practices is also essential, accompanied by rigid government regulations that enhance indoor air quality and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Due to changing customer perspectives, compliance with such regulations develops innovations in service delivery and promotes market growth. The need to maintain HVAC systems has also increased with growing attention to energy management and building automation systems. The smooth functioning of such systems likely involves scheduled maintenance.

Key Highlights for the HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market

  • The Industrial segment was the most significant stake in the HVAC maintenance service market in the year 2022-2023, and appropriately so, due to the need for this segment to upkeep with the ideals regarding work in an industrial environment in general, stringent regulations, and focus on energy efficiency. Post 2023, the segment is anticipated to maintain its leading position in the market.
  • Customized contracts are among the leading segments across the HVAC maintenance services market within 2022-2023. This, in general, is attributed to the increasing customer need for specialized maintenance programs that fit in with their unique specification and operational needs. Therefore, post-2023, even more after-market demand is expected to penetrate further into this segment.
  • Smart technologies will eventually find high integrations into the process of performance and efficiency of the systems through HVAC maintenance services. At the same time, with IoT sensors and predictive analysis added to the list of remote monitoring capabilities, the integration companies will start adapting worldwide attention to developing the best techniques for ensuring proactive maintenance, reducing operational expense and downtime.

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HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market Regional Scope

The global HVAC maintenance services market is dynamic and is subject to various factors influencing its growth trajectory. The establishment of the high-maturity nations now covers the US, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Qatar, Dubai, and Singapore. High-maturity countries offer service providers an ideal environment due to established infrastructure, which requires maintenance and levels of awareness of the need to conduct the maintenance of their HVAC systems. These stringent laws regarding energy efficiency and environmental requirements in these countries drive the market’s growth with the criteria of maintenance and overhaul of the HVAC systems with time. ELINT, a leading procurement market intelligence company, uses the most advanced tools and research methodologies to bring highly accurate and reliable statistics and trends to the target market.

However, the strength and force of the HVAC maintenance services market dynamics do not face a similar trend or force within every region. The UAE, Eastern Europe, China, and India are some medium-maturity regions whose demand for HVAC maintenance services is growing significantly. Additionally, the emerging regional forces are in flexible need of HVAC systems due to the fast industrialization, urbanization, and rise in disposable incomes. With this growing commercial, industrial, and residential sector, the need for effective HVAC systems is intensifying. Moreover, the improvement in the usage of smart technologies in these sectors, such as IoT-equipped HVAC systems, is to enhance the requirement for specialized maintenance services.

Major Developments in the HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market

  • In recent developments in this industry, Smart Care has added Richard Meek Air Conditioning to its line to offer complete services for repairing and maintaining commercial kitchen equipment. With such a well-thought-out move, Smart Care will get its stake in the air conditioning industry, further enlarging its service offerings with all the synergies attached to the business.
  • Trinity Hunt, a well-known and established middle-market private equity group, has announced an injection of substantive investment in Alliance Group, a new base of commercial HVAC services. It shall put Alliance Group in place with a solid resource base and backing to make itself capable of tapping growth opportunities, bringing diversification into services, and enhancing operational efficiency in this nodal service.

Key Players in the HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market

The HVAC maintenance services market is dominated by several well-known companies, including Cushman and Wakefield, Johnson Controls, ISS, Daikin, Carrier, JLL, Sodexo, Trane, and Ingersoll. This is due to their broad product lines and depth of knowledge. These businesses offer unique advantages and specialized expertise that significantly support the sector’s ongoing expansion and development and foster industry innovation.

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Pivotal Aspects Addressed in the HVAC Maintenance Services Procurement Market Research Report

What is the projected size of the global HVAC maintenance services procurement market?

According to ELINT Market Research, the rising customer demand and technological advances will likely propel the global HVAC maintenance services market to reach $701 billion by 2022–2023.

What factors contribute to the growth of the HVAC maintenance services market?

Technological developments like smart HVAC systems, predictive maintenance plans, and rising public awareness of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are the main factors propelling market expansion.

What pivotal aspects are addressed in the HVAC maintenance services procurement market research report?

The procurement market analysis research report includes forecasts for the primary market segments, size and growth drivers, regulatory implications, expected trends, regional dynamics, innovations, and important industry players.

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