DRWAI Partners with Leading Indian Broker, Pioneering in AI Quantitative Trading


London, April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, the global AI quantitative trading sector has received exciting news. DRWAI, ranked among the top twelve globally, under the leadership of its APAC Operations Director, Abhinav Rajput, has partnered with a well-known Indian broker to achieve remarkable results. Leveraging advanced AI quantitative trading technology, this team has generated a 300% monthly profit, becoming a focal point in the market.

Abhinav Rajput is an experienced trader whose career spans several prestigious financial institutions. With over eight years at OPEN AI and LKP, he has amassed extensive stock market trading experience. Currently, as DRWAI’s APAC Operations Director, he is not only well-versed in market dynamics but also adept at AI quantitative trading strategies. His exceptional leadership and trading skills, combined with a wealth of AI technology experience, have positioned DRWAI as a leader in the global AI quantitative trading industry.


In 2023, Abhinav led his team to significant success in the TATACONSULTANCY FUTURES market, executing ideal trades by buying at lows and selling at highs based on accurate market trend analysis. Such operations have not only greatly increased ROI but also built confidence among investors in India and globally, showcasing his keen market insight and precision.

Amidst the wave of AI quantitative trading, DRWAI has again demonstrated its formidable strength and influence. Under the guidance of APAC Operations Director Abhinav Rajput, the team’s collaboration with the renowned Indian broker has brought substantial returns to investors.

DRWAI utilizes AI technology for intraday trading, monitoring 50 stocks daily and selecting the top 3 to 5 performers for trading, ensuring stable daily returns for investors. For premium members, the company offers exclusive services to track major funds for swing trading, achieving daily profit margins over 20%.

Furthermore, DRWAI also focuses on training novice investors. For instance, trainee Nandakishor L has grown from a stock market newcomer to an investor capable of independently using AI quantitative trading strategies to profit, not only improving his and his family’s life but also serving as a role model for others new to the stock market.

With its professional team, advanced technology, and outstanding performance, DRWAI provides investors with a stable and reliable platform. As AI technology continues to evolve and be applied, DRWAI is poised to keep leading the trend in AI quantitative trading, bringing substantial returns to more investors.

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