Dr. Bal Nandra From IV Solution & Ketamine Centers Of Chicago Discusses Ketamine For Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD)


Chicago, Nov. 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chicago, Illinois –

IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago, Chicago’s first private facility to offer clinically proven intravenous ketamine therapies, is helping clients fight Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD).

IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago offers clinically proven customized intravenous ketamine therapies for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, and other ailments at its state-of-the-art medical facility. In multiple randomized clinical studies, ketamine treatments have been found to effectively treat major depression and treatment-resistant depression with a success rate as high as 80%.


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“Ketamine is a blocker of the cellular NMDA receptor,” says Dr. Bal Nandra from IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago. “The NMDA receptor has been proven to play a significant role in major depression, chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, and other ailments. Ketamine is also known to have potent anti-inflammatory properties and is known to stimulate neuronal growth, synaptogenesis, and neuroplasticity.”

Ketamine is a very safe drug when administered for anesthesia or as a treatment for depression and chronic pain. The doses used for depression are much lower than those used for anesthesia and patients are monitored closely for the duration of the 45-minute infusion. Most patients feel very relaxed and free while they are receiving the infusion and the effects wear off within an hour or so afterwards. The doctors will routinely administer medication for the prevention of side effects such as mild drowsiness, nausea, and increased blood pressure.

Dr. Nandra talks about the efficacy of the treatments by saying, “Most patients have immediate improvement after their first or second infusion. All patients will differ in response to the treatment and will also differ in their need for maintenance infusions. Patients with suicidal or harmful thoughts are particularly high responders to ketamine infusions with over 80% having complete elimination of these thoughts after a single infusion. Moreover, there is no evidence that ketamine infusion at low doses and frequency used to treat mood disorders leads to dependence or addiction. For more information, check out this media story.”

Compared to conventional antidepressants, ketamine has a higher rate of success. Oral antidepressant medications may only be effective in about 60% of patients and come with undesirable side effects such as weight gain, decreased sexual drive, emotional and cognitive dulling, increased suicidal ideation, GI disturbances, and fatigue. Ketamine is also effective within minutes to hours while oral antidepressants can take up to a month or longer to take effect.

Several patients have let their life-changing experiences be known to others in the form of glowing testimonials for IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago. One patient describes how they found Dr. Nandra and his clinic by saying, “Dr. Nandra and Maribel carried me through an excellent year of treatment with unprecedented results in treating my chronic, treatment-resistant depression. I hadn’t found relief in my entire life until I found an article on the efficacy for treatment-resistant depression and found Dr. Nandra.”

The patient continues describing the results of the infusion by saying, “Not only was the result of the treatment highly successful, but I was treated with respect and care the entire time. Dr. Nandra always took as much time as was needed to talk with me and hear how I was doing. Maribel was always ready to help me get set up for my sessions and was a friendly face to greet me in the beautiful, comfortable office space. I highly recommend the IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago to anyone looking for help with chronic pain or mood disorders. You’ll be treated with respect and kindness, and if you’re like me you’ll finally find the relief you’ve been seeking.”

The clinic also offers NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) intravenous treatments, a vital coenzyme found in all living cells. NAD’s key role in converting nutrients into cellular energy is essential for health and functioning. With age, NAD+ levels steadily decrease, as much as 50% between age 20 years and 50 years, and research suggests that an increase in NAD+ can help with age-associated diseases, brain functionality, metabolism, neurodegeneration, and more.

Readers can get in touch with IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago at (844) 948-6337 for a free consultation or follow the clinic on its Instagram.


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