Dotted Dot’s Owner Uses Popular Web Design Services To Support Solar In Nigeria


Salt Lake City, Utah, June 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Popular Utah-based web design company Dotted Dot is offering a unique benefit to its clients beyond having a first-class online presence that can boost sales and revenue – they also provide assistance to Nigeria by supporting solar power in the country.

Dotted Dot, led by Michael Warr, not only helps its swiftly-expanding client list achieve its web goals — it also leverages those connections to build a better world. Specifically, it seeks to improve life for Nigerians by increasing their access to employment and solar power.


This noble came about thanks to Warr’s heritage. He recently discovered he is twenty-one percent Nigerian, which compelled him to learn more about the country and ultimately use his business savvy to help workers in Nigeria however he could.It didn’t take long to connect with folks in Nigeria, including one of Dotted Dot’s earliest beneficiaries of their comprehensive website development services. Because of this employee, Warr learned of the country’s power outages, and he realized low-cost but high-production solar could be a solution, particularly if U.S. clients were willing to aid in this altruistic campaign.

And the effort has already achieved some success, with a Denver-based solar and home energy efficiency company — one of Dotted Dot’s clients — promising that for every solar package it sells in the U.S., it will provide a free set of solar panels to power a home in Nigeria.

The company, Lessar Energy, doesn’t charge its customers anything for this noble offer, which came about because of Warr’s stellar work designing the business’s website. Transparent about his desire to improve energy infrastructure in Nigeria, Warr established a shared goal between Dotted Dot and Lessar Energy. “Having reliable power is so crucial to creating a safe and consistent environment, one where a person can reliably work and grow,” says Warr.

Dotted Dot offers a broad range of sought-after, hands-on services. When people or businesses seek to establish or improve their online visibility, Dotted Dot provides a carefully-crafted website designed to lure in visitors and convert them to customers. They cover everything from brand design to advertising to SEO — keywords that keep sites top of the search engines.

“We are known for creating websites that look good and convert well,” says Warr. “Quality is one of our top priorities. Our designers do competitive research so our clients don’t have to, studying other websites and analyzing the principles and strategies they’re using.”

In addition, Dotted Dot is always at the cutting edge of web development, constantly monitoring the latest developments in this field to find the best methods for helping clients. One example is artificial intelligence chatbots, which can provide automated and highly-detailed responses to queries from website visitors — as well as employees. Not only does this streamline the customer service process, but it allows workers to access round-the-clock teaching and information. For Warr, whose Nigerian workforce does not live in the same time zone or possess an American speech pattern, this is especially crucial.

“It’s vital for me and my team to always understand the latest technological advancements. We’re laser-focused on research, on identifying the best software and leveraging it — whether that’s helping our clients to improve their efficiency, increase their sales volume, or benefit from any other advantages,” says Warr.

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