Dislyte’s Latest Expansion ‘Dusk & Dawn’ Expansion Welcomes New Espers, Events, and a Special Guest Character in the Form of the One and Only Markiplier


SHANGHAI, China, April 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The gritty world of Dislyte prepares to enter a new era where players will awaken their inner rebel, as was announced today by developer Farlight Games. Starting on April 11th, players will enjoy a wealth of new content brought about by the latest ‘Dusk & Dawn’ update with the banner of Athena. The RPG where anime meets mythology ramps up to new heights with never-before-seen Espers, an April Carnival event, and limited-time appearances by a surprising familiar face.

Watch the all-new Dusk & Dawn update trailer: https://uberstrategist.link/Dislyte-Dusk-Dawn-Announce-Trailer

Download now and play for free: https://dislyte.mobi/DislyteReviveYourInnerRebel


Welcoming Athena and Nyx

The Goddess of War and the Goddess of Night, otherwise known as Athena and Nyx, join the roster of powerful Espers as Leora and Elaine, orphaned sisters who deeply embrace their rebellious nature. Sisterly love only stretches so far in the world of Dislyte, where skill, determination, and dedication to the cause come first and foremost for any respectable Esper. The question is where seven years apart will make this pair stronger, or more violent than ever.

Leora and Elaine enjoy co-combat skills on the battlefield, freshening gameplay and adding to the joy of team building a cast of highly powerful and varying heroes, all of whom bring special abilities and unique effects to each fight.

The April Carnival

For a limited time, players have the opportunity to summon two Five-Star Espers for free, Nyx (Elaine) and Hati (Camille), just by participating in the Carnival event. Additionally, the gates between dimensions and time itself break down as part of the Carnival celebrations, with the addition of special limited-time guest character in the form of the one and only Markiplier. Like they say, April showers bring…Markiplier as a cheerful, friendly NPC.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dislyte welcomes Camille, a wolf girl V-tuber based on the moon-devouring wolf entity known in Norse mythology. Camille’s presence in Dislyte also disrupts time and space, and she’s also an active social media influencer that can be followed at @vtubercamille on Instagram, and @SuperCamille on Twitter and YouTube.

Enter the Dusk & Dawn Dungeon
More than a standard dungeon challenge, the Dusk & Dawn Dungeon formally invites all wayward travelers and those without a place to call home. There’s a price, but just about anything desirable can be found here, along with plenty of miscreants and disenfranchised souls. In this dungeon, plates will uncover forbidden areas like underground labs and dark towers masked by the darkness. In the Dusk & Dawn Dungeon, childlike joy can be purchased, but pure agony can be obtained for free if you linger too long…

About Dislyte: Based on deities of Greek, Chinese, Norse, and Egyptian cultures, Dislyte’s roster showcases an extremely varied array of both skills and absolutely fire character designs. Set in 2027, the gritty, futuristic urban environment sets the stage for some truly sick and stylish tune-infused battles. Enhanced by an intense electro-pop soundtrack, recruit a team of five beautifully 3D rendered heroes and clash against the forces of darkness in exciting turn-based RPG battles. Will good triumph over evil, or is the world doomed to plunge into everlasting darkness.

Follow Dislyte on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or join the community on Discord. Follow Camille’s V-tubing fun on her YouTube.

A press kit containing screenshots, key art, videos, GIFs, and more, is available here: https://uberstrategist.link/Dislyte-Dusk-Dawn-pkit.


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