Depp V Heard documentary sparks up debates among fans- Read


Netflix is launching a new documentary about the controversial trial that happened with the defamation case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The documentary is divided into three parts and showcases the lawsuit that had taken the internet by storm. The series will not be the usual rumours and gossip revolving around it but the streaming platform promises to provide a neutral and unbiased perception.

The story began in 2018 when Amber Heard stated in the Washington Post op-ed that she was being abused by his ex-husband Johnny Depp. The statement caught the attention of Depp’s legal team, which then led to a defamation case against Heard. The trial has attained a lot of controversy all around the world sparking up differences of opinion among the masses. Netflix is now releasing the series which aims to highlight the case that created a huge fuss and also to give an unbiased perspective.

Netflix has also claimed that the series does not intend to create disputes relating to the actors’ life but will help give the viewers a fresh viewpoint on the case. However, fans from both sides are quite not sure what outcome the documentary would bring for the celebrities and also their hurtful wounds.


It has been over a month since Netflix announced the series. Fans have stayed on their firm beliefs and want the truth to be shown.

Some people have also accused the streaming giant of bringing back the sensitive topic that has been agonizing for the ex-couple. While some also believe that why it is necessary to showcase it after two years.

The documentary is set to release on the 16th of August. Deep V Heard will surely answer all the unvoiced questions and truths that have been not revealed during that time.