DefiGold “A Golden Opportunity new cryptocurrency” launched As Gold backed with multiple staking options


Miami, FL, Dec. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In recent years, the new cryptocurrency facet of financial technology has led to over 21K tokens currently trading on the blockchain.  Investors have a difficult time navigating through the noise with little to no guidance on how to find projects built for stability and scalability over the long term.  Finding a company on the blockchain with strong utility and multiple revenue streams can be difficult, if not impossible, which can lead to an investor giving up.  DefiGold is a company that allows investors an option to be a part of a truly exceptional expedition into gold mining, coupled with the opportunity to also earn rewards based on their commitment to the adventure with a fully doxxed and experienced team. 

DefiGold is a decentralized, proof-of-stake company on the Ethereum blockchain, launched December 7th 2022 and jumped up an amazing 900% at the launch. DefiGold has secured their first mining expedition set to start operations in Spring of 2023 in Montana, USA.  Investors who join the community are called “Miners.”  Additional expeditions are currently being negotiated in states across North America.  The tokenomics of the company supports the mining operations and fund investor reward systems.  “Miners” can purchase their tokens and select the appropriate staking program based on their trading goals.  This passive income system along with additional reward opportunities brings stability to the project and fosters an engaged community while in-real-life mining operations are underway.  

DefiGold token has a 5% buy and sell tax allocated as follows: 2% to LP, 1% to marketing, and 2% mining/yield farming. $DGOLD has a total supply of 400M tokens, with an initial circulating supply of 79M at launch with the remaining 311M tokens locked for future LP injections, staking pools and market maker accounts for exchanges. 40% of taxes are allocated to the liquidity pool, 20% to the liquidity staking pools, 15% to standard staking, 10% to the team, 10% to yield mining, and 5% to advisors and rewards.  There are currently three revenue streams for the company.  They include the global mining operations, digital yield mining, and monthly NFT raffles offered to holders. 


Real Gold Mining: The company mission is to fund experienced and provenly successful mining teams.  Profits from the physical gold mining expeditions are split 50/50.  Half of the profits are reinvested into additional future mining expeditions and the other half is injected back into the $DGOLD token in the form of buybacks and staking pools. 

Yield “Mining” (Farming): Earn a minimum of 14% monthly revenue on company gold investments and yield faming profits.  75% of profits from company investments will be allocated to expanding the physical gold mining ventures and the remaining 25% will be used to buy back the $DGOLD tokens which will in turn be fed into the staking and reward pools. 

Monthly NFT Raffles: Raffles are your monthly chance to win a highly valued and sought after NFT’s that otherwise may be out of reach to the beginner investor.  For a fraction of the value of the prize, you can purchase an NFT and be entered into a drawing to win the prize.  The revenue from this monthly event is allocated to buybacks of the token and additional community giveaways. 

Investors of the company have flexibility when choosing the perfect staking program.  Pools have already begun and they just launched.  “Miners” can choose standard staking pools with 6 options on locking periods, including an unlocked pool with 10% APY or their 1-year lock for up to 45% APY.  Liquidity staking pools also have 6 different lock periods with an unlocked option starting at 20% APY and the 1-year option with up to 55% APY. 

DefiGold is a company bringing the excitement of physical gold mining to the blockchain, reducing the barrier of entry for pioneering investors to experience the excitement of an actual expedition to find gold.  Early “Miners” can benefit from the virtual staking platform all while being front row to a rare, often hidden adventure right from their computer screen. For more information about DefiGold please visit and join their community today.

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