DeepPower CEO Andrew Van Noy Discusses Advances in Geothermal Drilling with Industry Expert


Malcom Ross explains that closed-loop technology can be used almost anywhere in the world

LEHI, Utah, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DeepPower, Inc., the developer of a breakthrough geothermal drilling technology to access the Earth’s unlimited source of clean energy, today announced that in a recent Company podcast CEO Andrew Van Noy spoke with drilling technology expert Malcolm Ross about advances in geothermal drilling and the benefit of using closed-loop technology.  

During the conversation, Mr. Ross explained, “Closed-loop was the breakthrough technology in geothermal. While a lot of effort has been put into EGS and it has been around for a while, closed-loop technology has more opportunities.”


Closed-loop geothermal is an encapsulated system within which a proprietary working fluid is contained and circulated in a closed-loop to harvest heat from deep in the earth to be used for commercial applications, such as generating electricity.

An enhanced geothermal system (EGS) is an advanced geothermal process that involves drilling deep wells underground in hot dry rock, creating fractures to develop reservoirs, and then circulating water through the wells and reservoirs to heat the water using that underground heat.

Mr. Ross continued, “Shell had deliberately chosen not to pursue geothermal in their new energy business because of the limited geographical extent. They had calculated that 9% of the earth was going to be suitable for geothermal – traditional even EGS based geothermal was too geographically restricted. So, to me, the breakthrough was closed-loops, and geothermal anywhere could spread to 80-90% of the earth.”

“Another big element of it is temperature, said Mr. Ross. “It’s a non-linear relationship between the temperature and how much energy you can get. So, getting a little bit hotter is a lot better. So that is crucial to make a big impact on the energy system; getting to these higher temperatures.”

Malcolm Ross is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in various roles within the energy industry. Currently, Mr. Ross serves as a Black Swan Detector at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has been part-time since October 2020. Moreover, for the past ten years, Mr. Ross has been an Adjunct Faculty and Lecturer at Rice University. With over 13 years of experience at Shell and various academic institutions, Mr. Ross has made significant contributions to the field. At Shell, He served as a Black Swan Detector finding new and breakthrough technologies and Research Scientist, driving innovation in renewable energy and offering expertise in geothermal energy. He contributed to strategic projects and played a key role in enhancing understanding of basin formation and evolution. His career has been marked by his expertise in detecting risks, fostering innovation, advising startups, and driving strategic growth in the energy sector.

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Deep Power is developing a breakthrough drilling technology to access Earth’s unlimited source of green geothermal energy. The Earth’s molten core is as hot as the Sun and, harnessing just 0.1% of that heat energy can power humanity for 2 million years. Previous generations of drilling technology cannot go deep enough to make geothermal cost-effective. We are developing a suite of advanced low-cost, high-temperature and high-pressure drilling systems to boldly go where no humans have gone before. The deeper we go the more energy we can unleash. Unlike large area solar and wind farms, a 9-inch hole by 5 miles deep can produce the same amount of power as 320 acres of solar panels. Like a power plug into the Earth, we aim to provide every city, state, and country direct and independent access to this “holy grail” source of eternal green energy.

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