De Wifi Expert Champions Business Communication Revolution with Enhanced Voip Services


Zwijndrecht, March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zwijndrecht, Antwerp –

De Wifi Expert, a firm specializing in Wifi and security solutions for businesses, is excited to announce a greater emphasis on Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services. With their deep-rooted knowledge in IT and network design, De Wifi Expert is helping businesses shift towards efficient and seamless communication by utilizing VOIP technology. This new focus supplements their already robust array of services, reinforcing their standing as a comprehensive one-stop solution for broadband and network consultation.

De Wifi Expert has a proven track record of successful Wifi installation projects, including diverse clients such as schools, small businesses, and even large-scale events with up to 50,000 attendees. Now, they are lending their expertise to the rapidly developing field of VOIP. The effort is aimed at improving their clients’ communication efficiency while maintaining optimal network performance and security, with a dedicated focus on VOIP technology.


De Wifi Expert

The announcement comes directly from Wim Roelands, the founder of De Wifi Expert. Utilizing VOIP technology’s ability to convert analog voice signals into digital data packets, which can be transmitted over the internet, Roelands seeks to enhance business communication by improving quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Roelands stated, “VOIP technology propels business communication into the modern digital age. With VOIP, businesses can harness their existing Wifi networks to make high-quality voice calls, enjoy seamless CRM integration, benefit from smart calendar linking, and flexibly redirect calls to voicemail during meetings. Plus, with VOIP, businesses can make international calls without worrying about extra charges, making this a cost-effective choice for firms operating globally.”

With a wealth of IT experience and unparalleled skill in Wifi installations, Roelands is a master at customizing VOIP solutions to suit specific business needs. His unique capabilities position him to guide businesses through the intricacies of VOIP integration, facilitating a seamless transition that is tailored specifically to their topology. Services like Wifi Design, which focus on creating custom Wifi solutions for businesses, play a significant role in ensuring the success of VOIP integration by optimizing network infrastructure for quality voice communication.

Speaking about the expanded VOIP services, Roelands added, “Our clients can count on us to offer end-to-end VOIP services, from thorough consultation and design, all the way to implementation, examination, and continuous support. We carefully tailor our services like Network Analysis and Network Security to the operational needs of each client, enhancing their communication framework without sacrificing security.”

Despite the increased focus on VOIP, De Wifi Expert continues to offer exceptional service across all their established offerings like Wifi Site Survey and Network Topology. Roelands, recognized as the foremost wifi expert in Belgium, maintains a commitment to these services. Additionally, De Wifi Expert is open to assessing the viability of Voice over Wifi (vowifi) for interested businesses.

In conclusion, De Wifi Expert’s expansion demonstrates an ongoing dedication to leading in modern communication technologies. With VOIP gaining exponential popularity, those businesses that adopt it will undoubtedly reap the rewards in communication efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility. As an established leader in network consultation, De Wifi Expert stands on the forefront of VOIP advancement, primed to guide businesses through their digital transformation.


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