CyberVerse Advisors Deploys Cutting Edge Strategies and Technology to Help Companies Counter Cybersecurity Threats


Rodrigo Loureiro and Cyberverse Advisors are supporting firms by protecting their data and processes, through the utilization of two key aspects, people and technology.

Baltimore, Maryland, April 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CyberVerse Advisors is at the forefront of emerging advisory companies that will help firms to gain an upper hand over their competitors with services and software to protect their data and processes. Both public and private companies have been in the news for being at the mercy of increasingly sophisticated hackers who target their security systems. Even Fortune 500 companies are vulnerable and SMEs are just as likely to be the target of hackers as big corporations. CyberVerse Advisors works collaboratively with individual businesses at the executive and board level to define their general strategy around technology in general and cybersecurity in particular.

Said Rodrigo Loureiro, Managing Partner of CyberVerse Advisors, “Essentially, we work with companies to clearly define their strategy around cyber security and technology management in general. While our core focus is on cybersecurity in light of the serious damage that a breach in this area can cause, we do also work with them on digital transformation and technology in general to optimize their products and services. Hackers are of different types and can have different goals. While some are in it to steal data and use it elsewhere, others use this data for extracting money through blackmail and essentially hold organizations hostage. Our services to companies can be defined in terms of two components. We provide advisory services regarding a proper preventive strategy and we also work with them on selecting and sourcing the appropriate technology to protect the organization. We have developed several cybersecurity solutions that we offer to our partners including The Connective Platform™️ and also have a network of expert partners who are capable of offering such solutions.”


Rodrigo has significant expertise in this area, and set up CyberVerse Advisors after working for close to 30 years in the domains of cybersecurity and technology. The key differentiator between CyberVerse Advisors and other companies in this field is that like Rodrigo, it has a team of experts who have actually worked not just as consultants, but as CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and as CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers). Rodrigo has spent many years working with C-suite-level executives of leading corporations on cybersecurity strategies and projects. When he set up CyberVerse Advisors, he went to great lengths to partner with several experienced professionals and companies that have been in the business for a long time. Rodrigo’s partners complement his skills and capabilities. This gives his clients, through him, access to many sophisticated technology solutions and skilled professionals who can help them to optimize their cyber strategy.

Many businesses have gone virtual or hybrid in the post-pandemic era and it is no longer required for CyberVerse Advisors consultants to visit their clients onsite, meaning that businesses around the world can benefit from their expert knowledge no matter the location. The firm created The Connective Platform™, a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows an organization to create an executive dashboard providing insights that support executive decisions around cyber security. It can immediately evaluate the cyber security posture of the organizations based on various parameters and identifies the areas that are strong and weak in the form of a numeric evaluation. This highly visual diagnostic tool is very easy to understand.

Concluded Rodrigo, “We cater chiefly to two types of clients. Many of our clients are large firms that might already have their own in-house CIO and CISO but still seek advisory services to review their strategy and spot any vulnerabilities. The second type of client is companies that do need the full-time services of a cybersecurity consultant. They engage us to get access to our expert services on a fractional basis as they lack the budget or the need to have a full-time cybersecurity expert on board. When a client engages CyberVerse Advisors, the process typically starts out on a consultative basis and depending on the needs of the business, the company might also opt to purchase the firm’s cybersecurity products and platforms. Our long-term goal is to further develop our platforms and our cybersecurity solutions, like The Connective Platform™️ that offers software as a service to a wide range of clients and thus boosts our brand awareness. Currently, we have operations in North America and offices in Hungary, Portugal, Belgium, and the UK. We also have a presence in India and South America. We are hoping to expand to other parts of the world shortly.”

Rodrigo Loureiro, the Managing Partner of CyberVerse Advisors is a cyber security thought leader and keynote speaker. Rodrigo has three decades of experience not only serving as CIO, CTO, and CISO for global organizations, but also aiding such professionals, improving and streamlining their own technology operations. Rodrigo also hosts “The CyberVerse Business Report” podcast where he is your host and guide on the journey through the cyberverse. The podcast provides insights into the latest digital technologies and strategies to help counter cyber security threats, hosting and interviewing technology and business leaders across the globe.

About CyberVerse Advisors

CyberVerse Advisors specializes in high-end comprehensive advisory services to safeguard information systems and data for Boards, business owners, CEOs, and their executive teams in small and mid-market companies. The firm has a team of experts who work collaboratively with companies to correctly assess their security measures and identify any gaps and scope for improvements. CyberVerse Advisors can provide advisory services and technology concerning cybersecurity, profitable sales growth, strategic execution, people development, and business diversification. The company prides itself on creating strong relationships with partners. Current partners include New Push who focuses on federated cyber protection, helping organizations leverage federated cybersecurity and attack surface management covering digital assets, people, and access, as well as InnoWave, a Portuguese-based global technology and consulting company, facilitator of innovative and skilled people, and a hub for innovative solutions.

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