CryptoHeap Launches New Pooled Ethereum Staking Service for Global Users


Miami, FL, June 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

CryptoHeap, a leading platform in the cryptocurrency staking industry, proudly announces the launch of its innovative pooled Ethereum staking service. This new service aims to provide users worldwide, excluding those in the U.S. and U.K., with the opportunity to participate in Ethereum staking without needing to meet the high minimum requirements individually.


Salvage Warwick, spokesperson for CryptoHeap, highlighted the significance of this development. “The introduction of our pooled Ethereum staking service marks a significant milestone for CryptoHeap. This service is designed to democratize access to Ethereum staking, allowing more users to benefit from staking rewards without the need for substantial initial investments,” Warwick stated.

Comprehensive Staking Packages

CryptoHeap’s new pooled Ethereum staking service complements its existing range of staking packages, designed to cater to various investment levels. These staking packages provide daily rewards, capital return, and significant referral bonuses, making them highly attractive to investors. Here are the detailed packages available:

  1. Arbitrum: $100 USD staking for 1 day; $2 USD daily and total rewards.
  2. Toncoin: $200 USD staking for 1 day; $4 USD daily and total rewards.
  3. Sui: $600 USD staking for 6 days; $6 USD daily, $36 USD total, and $6 USD referral rewards.
  4. Polygon: $1,500 USD staking for 8 days; $16.50 USD daily, $132 USD total, and $18 USD referral rewards.
  5. Cardano: $5,000 USD staking for 12 days; $60 USD daily, $720 USD total, and $70 USD referral rewards.
  6. Ethereum: $8,000 USD staking for 16 days; $104 USD daily, $1,664 USD total, and $128 USD referral rewards.
  7. Tron: $10,000 USD staking for 20 days; $130 USD daily, $2,600 USD total, and $170 USD referral rewards.
  8. Solana: $15,000 USD staking for 25 days; $210 USD daily, $5,250 USD total, and $300 USD referral rewards.
  9. Bitcoin: $30,000 USD staking for 30 days; $480 USD daily, $14,400 USD total, and $690 USD referral rewards.
  10. Chainlink: $50,000 USD staking for 40 days; $950 USD daily, $38,000 USD total, and $1,650 USD referral rewards.
  11. Cosmos: $100,000 USD staking for 50 days; $2,100 USD daily, $105,000 USD total, and $3,800 USD referral rewards.
  12. Uniswap: $150,000 USD staking for 55 days; $3,750 USD daily, $206,250 USD total, and $6,750 USD referral rewards.

Pooled Ethereum Staking: An Inclusive Approach

The new pooled staking service allows users to combine their Ethereum assets with others to meet the staking requirements collectively. This innovative approach lowers the barrier to entry, making it easier for more people to participate in Ethereum staking and earn rewards.

“Ethereum staking typically requires a minimum of 32 ETH, which can be a substantial amount for individual investors. Our pooled staking service removes this barrier, enabling users to stake smaller amounts and still benefit from the rewards,” explained Warwick.

Exclusion of U.S. and U.K. Users

While CryptoHeap is committed to providing accessible staking solutions globally, the new service will not be available to users in the U.S. and U.K. due to regulatory considerations. Warwick addressed this decision, stating, “We understand the regulatory complexities in these regions and have decided to exclude U.S. and U.K. users from this particular service to ensure compliance and maintain the integrity of our platform.”

Advantages of CryptoHeap’s Pooled Ethereum Staking

CryptoHeap’s pooled Ethereum staking service offers several advantages, making it one of the best crypto staking platforms available today. Users can enjoy lower entry barriers, reduced risk, and the potential for higher returns through collective staking.

“We believe that pooling resources is a powerful way to enhance the staking experience. By joining forces, users can participate in Ethereum staking with smaller investments and still enjoy significant rewards. This service truly embodies our commitment to inclusivity and innovation,” Warwick added.

The Future of Crypto Staking

With the rise of digital currencies and the growing interest in decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto staking has emerged as a popular investment strategy. CryptoHeap’s exclusive packages and pooled Ethereum staking service are a testament to its commitment to offering the best staking options in the market. These packages are especially attractive for investors looking to stake the best crypto to stake in 2024, including Ethereum and other prominent altcoins.

“CryptoHeap is dedicated to providing a seamless and profitable staking experience. Our platform is equipped with the latest technology and security measures, making it one of the best crypto staking websites in California and beyond,” Warwick added.

Security and User Education

CryptoHeap prioritizes the security of its users’ investments. The platform employs advanced encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring to safeguard assets. Additionally, CryptoHeap offers extensive educational resources to help users understand the nuances of crypto staking, including the best ethereum staking platforms and whether staking ethereum is a good idea.

“Security and education are at the core of our platform. We want our users to feel confident and informed about their investments. Our comprehensive resources cover everything from basic staking principles to advanced strategies, making CryptoHeap a trusted platform for staking enthusiasts,” Warwick explained.

Strategic Enhancements and Future Plans

CryptoHeap is continuously innovating to enhance its platform and provide users with the best possible experience. The introduction of advanced analytics tools, automated investment strategies, and user-friendly interfaces are part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to stay ahead in the competitive crypto staking landscape.

“As one of the best staking crypto platforms, we are committed to delivering value and ensuring that our users can achieve their investment goals. Our focus is on continuous improvement and innovation, and we are excited about the future developments we have in store,” Warwick concluded.

With the introduction of pooled Ethereum staking and a range of exclusive staking packages, CryptoHeap is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for crypto staking. The platform’s commitment to security, education, and innovation ensures that users can navigate the complex world of crypto investments with confidence and success.

Investors and crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the exclusive staking packages and other features available on CryptoHeap’s platform. For more information about CryptoHeap’s services and upcoming enhancements, visit the official website at

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