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CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a release issued on Thursday, November 2nd by Vivo For Healthier Generations, please note that the headline and paragraph one should read “164.7 megawatt hours” rather than “173.3 kilowatt hours.” Funding information was also added to paragraph four. The corrected release follows:

Vivo embraces solar power, generating 164.7 megawatt hours per year

Vivo’s expansion project includes solar power to light up a green future for sustainable spaces that promote wellness, connection and growth


Vivo for Healthier Generations is excited to announce a ground-breaking achievement in sustainability and clean energy. With the recent installation of 361 solar panels, Vivo is now harnessing the power of the sun, generating a remarkable 164.7 megawatt hours of electricity annually. This incredible initiative not only reduces our carbon footprint but also powers 27 per cent of our electricity needs, equivalent to powering a Tesla Model S to go around the Earth 30 times.

“This achievement is a testament to Vivo’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship” says Vivo’s Chief Evolution Officer Cynthia Watson, “by embracing energy efficiency measures and clean energy solutions, we are not only reducing our consumption but also cutting costs. This innovative approach has allowed us to maintain our prestigious LEED Gold certification, firmly positioning Vivo at the forefront of sustainable practices.” Key highlights of this remarkable initiative include:

  • The installation of 361 solar panels on our rooftop symbolizes our dedication to clean and renewable energy solutions.
  • This sustainable energy source generates an impressive 173.3 kilowatt hours of electricity each year, making a significant contribution to our power needs.
  • The solar panels power 27% of Vivo Centre’s electricity requirements, underlining our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.
  • The energy generated by our solar panels is equivalent to powering a Tesla Model S for an astonishing 30 trips around the Earth, showcasing the immense potential of clean energy.
  • Our efforts in sustainability and clean energy have enabled us to maintain our LEED Gold certification, reaffirming our dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Calgary Ward Three City Councilor Jasmine Mian shared her enthusiasm for Vivo’s solar power initiative, stating, “Vivo’s commitment to harnessing clean energy through these 361 solar panels is a shining example of sustainable practices in our community. This endeavor not only reduces our carbon footprint but also demonstrates the potential for a greener, more environmentally responsible future. It’s an inspiring move towards a cleaner tomorrow, and we’re proud to support their efforts.”

Vivo is grateful for the support of the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, a valuable partnership of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Municipalities, and the Rural Municipalities of Alberta. The funding for the Alberta Municipal Solar Program was provided by the Government of Alberta. Their unwavering support and collaboration have been instrumental in turning this green dream into a reality. Together, we are making a difference and paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Vivo is committed to continuing its journey towards a greener and more environmentally conscious future. We invite our community, partners, and all individuals to join us in celebrating this momentous milestone and the positive impact it brings to our environment.

About Vivo
Vivo for Healthier Generations is a charity on a mission to raise healthier generations by empowering Canadians to achieve their optimal health whether they’re at home, school, work or in the community with us. The Vivo for Healthier Generations Society operates a Community Centre and Research and Innovation Lab in the heart of north-central Calgary where we work with our community and partners to support them in living a healthier life. 

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