ClicData Makes Complex Data Management Simple


ClicData created its end-to-end data management and analytics platform to simplify the often complicated task of handling data.

Austin, Texas, April 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Data is so important in business today that it is now considered the “new oil”. Data is the building block of all digital products and services. To harness the full power of data, businesses must be able to properly collect and analyze it, as well as visualize and utilize the results. This is an extremely complex task, where businesses usually expend large amounts of resources creating a data management system composed of a patchwork of applications.

Enter ClicData, an end-to-end data management and analytics platform that allows organizations to manage their data throughout its entire lifecycle. The company was co-founded by its chief technology officer, Telmo Silva, who has worked for more than 20 years implementing business intelligence solutions across the world.


Telmo saw that there was no technological solution in the market that could do all the things businesses needed to do with data (such as analytics and business intelligence) while offering an easy-to-use yet powerful platform. Telmo observed companies spending huge amounts of money on data management projects that would take many months to implement, only to revert to simple spreadsheets after some time. Clients would reject their data management system because it was “too complex”. Then ClicData launched in 2015.

Fast forward to 2021, Rend Stephan joined ClicData as CEO, bringing in more than 20 years of experience in management consulting globally. His work with various types of clients involved extensive use of data for analyzing and solving problems.

“I came to the same conclusion as Telmo but from the business side. Most data management solutions cost a lot of money, either for tools, or for implementation. At ClicData, we can offer a very rapid value proof to customers thus leading to faster implementation, at a reasonable cost,” says Rend.

ClicData’s motto is “powerful, smart, and easy” – which illustrates the main characteristics of its data analytics platform.

“Powerful” refers to ClicData’s unlimited scalability, meaning that it will work for data projects of every size. Some solutions may work fine for small projects, but struggle when businesses scale up. Rend says that ClicData’s fully scalable solution has no limit to the amount of data it can handle and analyze.

ClicData also offers “smart” connectors, designed in-house, which extract data and pre-format it, making it ready to use. For example, when extracting data from an accounting system, the connector is able to recognize this and format the data in the accounting standard, saving users’ time and effort.

“The all-in-one platform brings unique advantages to data management. For example, a user can click on anything on the dashboard, and it will tell them where the data is coming from, because everything is connected. It can also support backward writing, where a user can edit something on the front end and the system automatically updates the data on the back end. This doesn’t work with multiple tools, as the integration is often one-way.”

ClicData eliminates the need for additional tools, thus reducing integration complexity and compatibility issues. Being cloud-native also makes the platform setup and the user onboarding easy, typically taking a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.

ClicData seeks to make the complicated task of managing data a simpler experience. However, being simple does not mean that ClicData is not powerful: “We have broken the compromise between powerful and simple, as we offer both in our end-to-end data platform. ClicData is a simple tool that removes the complexity of data management. We’re not ignoring complexity, instead we provide a simple way of tackling that complexity.”

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