Cleo Launches Marketing for Good Initiative to Deliver Real Social Impact and Improve Business Efficiency


The programme provides enterprises with a robust suite of high-performance social impact marketing tools that deliver sustainable, environment-friendly growth and a host of additional benefits

London, UK , July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —



 Cleo, a new ‘for good’ platform that leverages blockchain and distributed ledger technology to deliver sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility, has launched its first programme, appropriately dubbed ‘Marketing for Good.’ As a new carbon offset and social impact marketing programme, Marketing for Good provides enterprises with effective and user-friendly tools that can help them develop higher quality, lower cost leads that also contribute towards their environmental, charitable, and social goals – all at no additional cost.

Cleo’s vision and mission are simple: As the ‘for good’ company that focuses on sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility, Cleo aims to become the market leader in helping companies enjoy traditional growth while allowing them to track and balance their environmental impact with innovative and planet-friendly initiatives.

Jason Sibley, CEO of Cleo, explained the importance of the launch of Marketing for Good by saying: “Through Cleo, our customers will be able to harness the power of Web3 to engage with their audiences toward positive shared impacts, all while reducing costs. We provide an opportunity for everything from businesses, sports clubs and schools to artists, brands and startups to leverage both existing and new intellectual property to contribute towards their environmental, charitable, and social goals.”

The world is more of a global village than ever before, and the cross-border and cross-continental impacts of local business activities cannot be – and should not be – ignored. While many have long espoused the ideal of “thinking globally while acting locally,” for too long there have been far too few options for businesses and individuals to do so – until now. Furthermore, because the competition for buyer attention and brand awareness across advertising, sales, and marketing are at all-time highs, the value of data continues to increase in tandem with digital marketing spend. These rising costs can potentially be offset by rewarding users for their time and attention via incentivizing different marketing actions. In this way, businesses and brands can deliver rewards to users in the form of social goods that benefit everyone, such as removing plastic from the ocean, planting trees, or offsetting carbon emissions.

Cleo does this and is changing the business narratives around ESG, blockchain, and business growth by delivering practical solutions to balance corporate objectives with social and ethical responsibility. With Cleo, every marketing lead, digital collectible, or piece of intellectual property has the potential to create measurable ‘good’ in the world.

CEO Jason Sibley explained how Cleo and the Marketing for Good programme work: “With Marketing for Good, we help our client brands reward their target audiences for their time and attention with incentives that help the planet. We’re using blockchain to help companies contextualize the ecological and social impact of their marketing and advertising while giving them the tools to offset this impact in real-time. I am grateful for some of the amazing companies that have already bought into this mission, and I am excited to blend ESG awareness into traditional corporate marketing in a way that delivers results.”

Cleo’s blockchain-enabled Marketing for Good programme helps companies drive sustainable practices, such as offsetting their digital carbon footprint through allocations of their marketing campaign budgets to worthwhile causes. Cleo’s solutions range from lead generation and nurturing campaigns that offset carbon emissions to creating digital collectibles that generate funds for ESG objectives. The social good and value-added generated by these initiatives are verified on the blockchain, thereby giving customers and companies a reliable, transparent, and tamper-proof record that shows how much social good they have offset using Cleo campaigns.

There are many additional benefits that businesses can enjoy with the Marketing for Good campaign, such as better engagement with an ever-changing enterprise buyer audience; improving lead quality via in-built qualification, screening, and approval processes; creating measurable impact in an otherwise noisy digital landscape throughout the entire buyer journey; opening new channels of communication with target markets; creating secure and reliable mechanisms for rewarding audiences; engaging with audiences tha might otherwise be difficult to reach; and creating effective on-ramps for brands to explore the growing world of Web3.

Marketing for Good is the first in a series of several new high-impact Cleo initiatives, and in a world where we need collective action, effective incentives, data-backed decision-making, reliable tracking, and global reach to deliver meaningful results – not just in terms of the environment but in terms of business growth and productivity as well – Cleo harnesses the power of blockchain and Web3 to do just that and is a promising example of the good that we can generate and deliver when important problems and complex challenges are addressed and tackled the right way.

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Cleo is a unique platform that harnesses the power of Web3 to blend digital interactions with sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility. Cleo digitizes social and environmental impact by turning good deeds into unique digital assets. Leveraging blockchain technology, it ensures transparency and irrefutable proof of execution, empowering individuals and organisations to create, track, and showcase their contributions towards a better world. Cleo provides an opportunity for businesses, sports clubs, schools, and artists to leverage existing or new intellectual property to contribute towards their environmental, charitable, and social goals. Through its offerings, Cleo’s customers engage their audiences while reducing costs and carbon footprint. Backed by transparency and scalability, Cleo’s solutions range from lead generation and nurturing campaigns that offset carbon emissions to creating digital collectibles that generate funds for ESG objectives. Cleo is more than just a platform; it’s a commitment to embedding a sustainable approach to everyday actions. For more information, please visit

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