Cibao Meat Products Unlocks Data Insights 10x Faster with Slingshot


The 50+ Year Hispanic-Styled Meats Company Tapped the Data-Driven Work Management Platform to Bring Data to the Center of Its Multi-Generational Business

Cranbury, NJ, July 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cibao Meat Products, the Hispanic-style meats company delivering high quality products for over 50 years, today announced the results of its first 6 months of work with Slingshot, the data driven work management platform from software company Infragistics. The family company, now in its third generation of leadership, has been working with Slingshot since October 2023 to bring together all its organizational data into one central location. With all of its data in one place, Cibao Meat Products has accelerated the rate of its data reporting tenfold, enabling teams to seamlessly integrate data insights into their everyday tasks, drive better decisions, and increase cash flow by up to 65% as a result.

Founded in 1969, Cibao Meat Products has been providing families with a variety of Hispanic deli meat products for 55 years. Now spanning wholesale stores including BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Costco, as well as 500 supermarkets and restaurants, the company’s products can be found across the United States. Even with this expansion, Cibao Meat Products has stayed true to the first generation’s traditional values and processes, maintaining a family environment within the workplace. Along with keeping those traditions to create its food however, Cibao Meat Products–like many other multi-generational businesses– also was still relying on the mostly manual processes that started the company.


When Cibao Meat Products set out to modernize these practices, it looked to Slingshot to compile its data from multiple sources into one central hub accessible to every employee. Because the company still relied heavily on legacy processes, Cibao Meat Products’ company and customer data was siloed throughout departments from sales to manufacturing to accounting. Teams were manually gathering this data and creating reports on a weekly or bi-weekly basis which prevented real-time visibility into business-critical options. Not to mention, these more administrative tasks took hours of teams’ time.

With Slingshot, Cibao Meat Products has now enhanced data transparency across the company, giving teams a holistic view into their data and allowing them to easily derive meaning from it to put into action. Employees can now create reports within minutes, eliminating the biweekly reports in favor of daily assessments and unlocking insights needed to make critical decisions 10x faster than before – saving 120 hours a month. For example, with real-time access to its customer payments data the company’s accounts receivable team was able to notice any discrepancies or pending payments in real time. This allowed the team to check in with customers as quickly as they saw an issue, increasing their cash flow by $40,000 a week on average.

“As a third-generation leader of a multi-generational company, I put an emphasis on bringing our business into the digital future and utilizing technologies that will help propel success. Slingshot has been instrumental in establishing a faster rhythm for our business and driving growth,” said Heinz Vieluf Jr., President of Cibao Meat Products. “We are now able to see the full picture of our data across the organization in real time, informing strategy and speeding up decisions and communications, something that’s critical in a customer facing industry. We’ve transformed how our teams work, productivity is up, and employees and customers alike are happier.”

With teams saving hours each week on reporting, Cibao Meat Products is also able to concentrate on higher value tasks, specifically those directly serving consumers. Employees have more time to connect  one on one with customers and develop relationships, instead of getting held up in the backend. This has additionally allowed the team to focus on new marketing efforts and promotions, not only driving up customer satisfaction, but also helping to grow existing customer relationships and develop new ones.

“We created Slingshot to bring together data that has traditionally been spread across departments into one completely accessible space so that companies can better drive productivity, insights, and ultimately business results,” said Dean Guida, Founder of Slingshot. “By bringing its data into a central location, Cibao Meat Products has unlocked insights that have allowed them to move strategically and at a faster pace, strengthening the company’s bottom line.”

You can learn more about Slingshot and Cibao Meat Products in the complete case study here.


About Cibao Meat Products
Cibao Meat Products Inc is a food production company based out of NJ, United States. Established since 1969, we are a family run business in manufacturing Hispanic styled sausages famously known as salami. We also manufacture longaniza and chorizo. Aside from our own products, we are available for clients interested in private labels.

About Slingshot

Slingshot is the data-driven work management platform that connects everyone you work with to everything they need to get work done. The platform streamlines companies’ workplace tech stacks by giving remote, in-person and hybrid teams a single place to collaborate, make data-driven decisions, set goals, share content, and communicate within the context of the projects they’re working on. Slingshot puts an end to the interrupted workflows that result from constant app-switching and places data analytics central to decision-making, helping organizations create data-driven cultures. With clarity on priorities, workload and expectations, teams are empowered to manage their work, no matter where they are. Slingshot is available as a desktop app (Mac and Windows) and mobile app (Apple App Store and Google Play), and can be accessed on any web browser at The platform was built by software company Infragistics.

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