Chopin Vodka Launches Bartender’s Choice 119.5 Proof Rye Vodka


New, award-winning release advances Chopin’s mission to change the way consumers think about vodka with liquid that takes center stage in all cocktails

Chopin Bartender’s Choice

The label features the product name in founder & CEO Tad Dorda's handwriting, nodding to the approachable nature and bartender usage of this particular vodka.
The label features the product name in founder & CEO Tad Dorda’s handwriting, nodding to the approachable nature and bartender usage of this particular vodka.

“Port Serenade” cocktail

Cocktail made with Bartender's Choice vodka, strawberry, and port wine.
Cocktail made with Bartender’s Choice vodka, strawberry, and port wine.

New York, NY, June 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chopin, the family-run Polish vodka brand that catalyzed the luxury vodka phenomenon in 1993, is proud to introduce Bartender’s Choice, a 119.5 proof, or 59.8% ABV, rye vodka, to their portfolio. The new expression just won the “Chilled 100 Bartender Seal of Approval” for 2023 from Chilled Magazine, a coveted award ranked and reviewed by experienced bartenders in the field. This product was inspired by bartenders and mixologists in search of a way to make spirit-forward cocktails and hedge against vodka dilution in the glass that happens when you add ice or other mixers. Due to its high proof, Bartender’s Choice vodka offers an even fuller flavor profile, resulting in a pronounced presence when used in cocktails. This makes it an ideal addition for both professional and amateur bartenders looking to enhance their bar offerings.

I am on a mission to change the general perception that vodka is a tasteless, odorless spirit to a spirit that should be sipped and savored,” says Tad Dorda, Founder and CEO of Chopin Vodka. “We created Bartender’s Choice to further that exact mission, ensuring that the flavor from ingredient-forward vodkas doesn’t become diluted in your glass. We want vodka to take a front seat in cocktails, not get lost in the mix.

Small-batch and hand-crafted, just like Chopin’s entire portfolio, Bartender’s Choice is a bold and straightforward variation of Chopin’s award-winning rye vodka and is made from three simple ingredients: rye, water, and yeast, which results in a nose that is smoky, herbaceous and mineral forward, a flavor profile that is expressive and robust with layers of piquant black pepper, mountain ash, and a hit of sloe berry as well as a long finish with bitter-sweet notes of almond, apricot, and raisin. 

Chopin distilled the expression at their distillery in Krzesk, Poland in their copper still dating back to 1896. Like all their other offerings, they use only the freshest ingredients sourced from within 20 miles of the distillery, grown without chemicals or pesticides. Chopin Founder and CEO Tad Dorda worked closely with Chopin’s master distiller Waldemar Durakiewicz, a legend in the industry who has been with the Chopin team since 1978, to perfect the Bartender’s Choice formula. 

Vodka is more commonly made with a 40% ABV (80 proof). When mixing it in a cocktail or pouring it over ice, it becomes closer to 20% ABV (40 proof), losing its flavor and potency. High-proof vodka is typically made to be 50% ABV (100 proof) as some states in the U.S. have regulations requiring vodka to be less than 60% ABV (120 proof). Chopin designed Bartender’s Choice to be the most prominent as possible at 59.8% ABV (119.5 proof).

The Bartender’s Choice bottle features a more informal design approach to the brand’s elevated aesthetic. The label features the product name in Tad Dorda’s handwriting, nodding to the approachable nature and bartender usage of this particular vodka. It can be purchased for $34.99 MSRP online at and will be available at various retailers and leading bars throughout the country soon.

About Chopin

Chopin is the world’s first super-premium vodka. The Polish brand, which is family-owned and run, debuted in 1993 and catalyzed the luxury vodka phenomenon. Chopin founder and CEO, Tad Dorda, takes a unique farm-to-bottle approach working with farmers within a 20-mile radius from their distillery in Poland to grow potatoes, wheat, and rye. Chopin’s mission is the same as it was when the brand launched almost 30 years ago: to shift the conversation around vodka from being a tasteless, colorless, odorless mixer synonymous with nightlife to an original Polish spirit that’s meant to be savored, appreciated, collected, and discussed. The brand’s vodka lineup currently includes Chopin Potato, Chopin Wheat, Chopin Rye, Chopin Family Reserve, Vera Wang x Chopin, and Chopin Rye Organic.


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