Chemical Mechanical Planarization market is estimated to be US$ 10.6 billion by 2032 with a CAGR of 6.4 % during the forecast period-By PMI


Prophecy Market Insights latest research report on the Chemical Mechanical Planarization market provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market scenario, growth opportunities, challenges, and emerging trends. The report offers insights into the market’s size and share, key market players, distribution channels, and consumer preferences. It also examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the market and provides a detailed analysis of the competitive landscape, including strategic alliances, mergers, and acquisitions.

Covina, Sept. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Chemical mechanical planarization is a critical step used in semiconductor manufacturing process for multiple times at each layer of wafer for removing excess materials and to create smooth surface which is done through interaction of slurry and pad on polishing tool.

Growing industrialization coupled with rise in semiconductor industries across globe have given positive impact on target market growth. Further, growing demand for consumer electronics and increased purchase of electric vehicles worldwide has driven the demand for target market growth. Furthermore, technological advancement in semiconductor and fabrication processes is anticipated to increase the demand for Chemical Mechanical Planarization market.


Chemical Mechanical Planarization Market accounted for US$ 5.3 billion in 2022 and is estimated to be US$ 10.6 billion by 2032 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 6.4%. Chemical Mechanical Planarization Market is segmented into Product Type, Application, and region.

Key Highlights:

  • In January 2023, Amtech Systems Inc., acquired Entrepix Inc., a globally recognized expert in wafer cleaning and CMP (chemical mechanical polishing). This acquisition will stengthen the Amtech’s position in semiconductor market and will offer the industrial broadest sets of substrate processing solutions.

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The key players operating in the chemical mechanical planarization market includes,

  • Applied Materials, Inc.
  • Ebara Corporation
  • Cabot Microelectronics Corporation
  • Dow Electronic Materials, Inc.
  • Fujimi Incorporated
  • Honeywell Electronic Materials, Inc.
  • Strasbaugh Inc.
  • Air Products & Chemicals Inc.
  • Lapmaster Wolters GmbH
  • LAM Research Corporation.

Analyst View:
Growing electronics industries across globe have become major contribution in target market growth. Wide benefits such as in reducing rough topography to a planarized state and to achieve global planarization of entire wafer surface in single step has provided lucrative opportunities in Chemical Mechanical Planarization market over the forecast period.

Segmentation analysis:

Chemical Mechanical Planarization Market, By Type (CMP Equipment and CMP Consumables (Slurry, Pad, Pad Conditioner, and Others)), By Application (Integrated Circuits, Microelectromechanical Systems & Nanoelectromechanical Systems, Compound Semiconductors, and Optics), and By Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa)


  1. Technological Complexity: The semiconductor industry, a major consumer of CMP technology, is continually advancing, with smaller node sizes and more complex structures. This puts pressure on CMP manufacturers to develop increasingly sophisticated and precise processes.
  2. Environmental Concerns: CMP processes generate waste slurries that contain chemicals and abrasives. Proper disposal and management of these waste materials pose environmental challenges and regulatory compliance issues.
  3. Costs: Developing and maintaining advanced CMP equipment can be costly, especially for smaller semiconductor manufacturers. Reducing the cost per wafer while maintaining quality is a constant challenge.
  4. Supply Chain Disruptions: Like many industries, the CMP market may face supply chain disruptions, affecting the availability of critical materials and components.

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Growth Prospects:

  1. Rising Demand in Semiconductor Industry: The semiconductor industry is a major driver of the CMP market. As the demand for smaller, more powerful chips continues to grow in applications like data centers, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the CMP market is expected to expand.
  2. Emerging Technologies: The CMP market is not limited to the semiconductor industry. It also plays a crucial role in emerging technologies such as 3D packaging and advanced packaging techniques, which are gaining traction.
  3. Materials Innovation: Ongoing research and development in abrasives, slurries, and pad materials are likely to lead to improved CMP processes, enabling better performance and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Asia-Pacific Dominance: The Asia-Pacific region, particularly Taiwan, South Korea, and China, is a hub for semiconductor manufacturing. The growth of semiconductor fabs in this region continues to fuel demand for CMP equipment and services.


  1. Advanced Node Development: As semiconductor manufacturers aim to produce chips with smaller nodes (e.g., 7nm, 5nm), there’s a growing need for advanced CMP processes to achieve the required levels of precision and uniformity.
  2. More Complex Structures: The semiconductor industry is moving toward 3D structures, such as FinFET and gate-all-around (GAA) transistors. CMP processes are evolving to accommodate these complex structures.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Companies are increasingly focusing on environmentally friendly CMP processes, including the recycling and reuse of waste materials, as part of their corporate sustainability initiatives.
  4. AI and Data Analytics: AI and data analytics are being employed to monitor and optimize CMP processes in real time, improving efficiency and reducing defects.
  5. Materials Innovation: Ongoing research into novel abrasive and slurry materials is aimed at enhancing the CMP process and reducing costs.
  6. Mergers and Acquisitions: The CMP market has seen consolidation through mergers and acquisitions as companies seek to broaden their product portfolios and expand their global reach.

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