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Austin, Texas – Bryan Daniel is the Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission Representing the Public. He was born and raised in southern and central Texas to parents who were educators. While his world revolved around educational influences, the agricultural influences equally surrounded him through family friends, daily living and his personal experience as an FFA member. He attributes skill building and becoming a confident public speaker nurtured through FFA as part of his success. He stresses the importance of this to young people as they develop their personal goals. “Acquire skills and then let people know that you are willing to deploy those skills on their behalf,” suggested Daniel. “I was lucky that I had an Ag teacher that recognized my speaking abilities and how that might serve me. There are skills that you are born with and skills that you acquire. The quicker a mentor can help you to discern the difference between the two, the quicker you can chart your path and understand how you can apply those skills to get what you want out of life,” reflected Daniel.

Daniel recognizes that the support of the adults in his life through FFA, sports and his parents helped his journey to where he is currently. “I’m in a position where I can make a difference in the lives of a lot of people. I have opportunities with just the decisions that I make every day. It [my organization] empowers me through my work and community to give Texans the opportunity to have a bright future,” said Daniel.

When further reflecting on where he is today, Daniels said, “None of this path makes sense. I did not know that there were professional staff for committees in congress. [Looking back] At 22 years old, there was not one of the jobs that I could have known about or prepared for. My kids ask me, ‘How did you know that you could do it?’ I had skills. I acquired these skills. The skills were more important than the reason I acquired them. I did well at extemporaneous public speaking. If you can learn to express yourself in a half page or less or 4-7 min or less, you can work and be successful anywhere you want,” said Daniel.

His career demonstrates how important developing skills, unbeknownst to him at the time, were the building blocks to his success. Daniel attended Texas Tech University to study agriculture. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he stayed on and had an opportunity to teach as a graduate student. He later took a position as the Coordinator for Student and Alumni Programs for the College of Agricultural Sciences at Texas Tech. His work eventually led him to

The National Council for Agricultural Education. They had a position for Reinventing Agricultural Education in 2020 that took him to Washington D.C. for a three-year assignment. There, he was a Researcher and legislative analyst for the chairman of the Ag committee. In 2001, an opportunity arose to head back to his home state of Texas where he became the State Director for Rural Development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture during the Bush administration. These positions all required the ability to speak and express a vision.

“I have had fascinating jobs! Simply because I could talk on any Ag topic that was thrown at me… It’s a blessing that I have figured it out. There were people put in my path that could help me to figure it out and I was willing to listen,” said Daniel. The combination of supportive adults who provided opportunities to share and showcase the skills learned through FFA opportunities, built confidence. Daniel recalled, “What was more powerful were the ag teachers from other schools ‘wondering if you would be willing to come to our school? Not only did you do a good job here, but I want you to talk to people [students] who will be where you are now.’ FFA takes it further,” said Daniel. “When the adults and your parents express how proud they are of a student’s confidence, it’s pretty powerful,” stressed Daniel.

The support from mentors and the opportunities that the FFA values nurtures confidence that can transcend into any field. For Daniel’s career, the ability to hone his skills, synthesize information and apply his specialized knowledge “came from my study of agriculture. If you are good at FFA, you might be good at agriculture,” he said confidently.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

Mr. Chairman, what are you grateful for today?

Bryan, can you take us along your ascent to the chairmanship of the Texas Workforce Commission?

Can you be appointed for another term as the Chairman?

Are there going to be job opportunities for them when they get out of high school and college in the state of Texas?

What are three leadership tips that you would share with an FFA member or agriculture teacher?

What is the best concert that you have been to?

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