Catapult Releases New Innovations for its Pro Video Suite for the NBA and NCAA Basketball Seasons


Enhanced data integration capabilities, powerful new customized automations, improved speed of in-game review, and new smarter presentation tools

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Enhanced data integration capabilities, powerful new customized automations, improved speed of in-game review, and new smarter presentation tools
Enhanced data integration capabilities, powerful new customized automations, improved speed of in-game review, and new smarter presentation tools

Boston, MA, Nov. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Catapult (ASX:CAT), the global performance technology leader in elite sports, today announced a series of innovations to its Basketball Pro Video Suite that will provide teams enhanced insights and time-saving workflows for the upcoming NBA, NCAA, and international basketball seasons. The latest update enhances data integration capabilities, introduces powerful new customized automations, improves the speed of in-game review, and offers new smarter presentation tools.

Catapult’s Pro Video platform for Basketball is an end-to-end video analysis platform designed for speed and efficiency across every workflow and user in the team. Basketball teams use Focus to capture multi-angle video during games or practice, while tagging data, live or post events, for future analysis and presentation. Catapult’s Hub product extends Focus’s capabilities with a cloud-based publishing and sharing platform, where presentations and insights can be distributed across departments from any location. GameTracker, third software in the suite, is a powerful data analysis tool which connects multiple datasets, including athlete wearable data, to video. Teams can now save time by quickly filtering and visualizing insights across games, series, seasons, and even players.

In preparation for the upcoming NBA, NCAA, and international basketball seasons, Catapult is introducing a number of new innovations, including:

  • Powerful data integrations: Customers can now uncover next-level insights with third-party event data providers, such as Synergy Sports, along with previously introduced athlete’s wearable data, directly to video. In just one click, teams can contextualize insights through viewing video for every physical metric to understand performance outcomes alongside athlete and event data to improve training and game preparation.

  • Smarter presentation tools: The new Pro Video’s presentation tools streamline how video coordinators and coaches present performance insights.  The presentation tool is embedded in the suite of solutions to save customer time, and includes a new court perspective feature, animated and auto-trackable annotations, and an enhanced presenter mode for full-screen viewing on any device.

  • In-game video: Coaches can stream video, tag data, and share insights in real-time from multiple devices on the bench with a new live feature inside Focus, helping them make faster decisions with better data and insights.

  • Multi-game analysis: Video coordinators and coaches can now visualize data in custom output views across multiple games at the same time,  enabling them to see statistics from all games at once.

“These innovations in our Pro Video Suite for Basketball demonstrate Catapult’s commitment to empowering teams to make better decisions with real-time data and insights, faster than ever before,” said Catapult CEO Will Lopes. “We are changing the game in the industry by giving coaching staffs more than just a tagging and editing video solution. We are giving them a tool that provides a comprehensive view of their athletes and team performance through the combination of wearable data and video. The upcoming basketball season will witness huge improvement in time-saving and insights with our latest innovations.”

Catapult’s commitment to empowering coaches has fueled its rapid growth. By delivering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions, Catapult continues to revolutionize the way coaches analyze and elevate their team’s performance, setting new benchmarks in the world of elite sports.

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