Caden Generates 100 Million Data Points in First Two Weeks


Caden allows everyone to finally take control of their personal data and make money from it

NEW YORK, April 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Caden, a pioneering data company focused on human-centered data, today announced that their Caden Knowledge Graph has reached an impressive milestone: in just 14 days since its launch, Caden has acquired more than 100 million first-party data points, smashing a benchmarked goal of 2 million. This marks a significant achievement for the company and highlights the power and potential of its innovative approach following a shift in the privacy landscape and a newfound need for consent-based, ethically-sourced personal data.

Caden securely stores an individual’s data from their connected services (e.g., Streaming services, e-commerce retailers, rideshare services, etc.) in a vault with multiple layers of encryption. The users hold the key to their vault, and explicit informed consent is required to access it. Once permission is given and the key is provided, Caden transforms the data from the vault into a first-of-its-kind Semantic Knowledge Graph by removing identifiable information to create an integrated yet anonymous representation. With this shift in mindset coupled with new privacy regulations, there’s room for Caden to establish a new standard for using ethically-sourced, first-party data that adheres to privacy-first principles.


“This is an incredible early milestone that validates our core thesis that users are passionate about being more in control of their personal data and, more importantly, being rewarded for sharing it,” said John Roa, CEO and Founder. “This is a great foundation as we enact our plan to scale to tens of billions of addressable data points inside of 2023.”

Businesses can depend on Caden to supply the most accurate, robust, and addressable data and analytic products to the open market via Caden’s proprietary data platform, CadenOS. Brand partners can securely collaborate with CadenOS, based on explicit opt-in consent directly from the users. Caden’s data and analytics products will be available across various levels of aggregation and consent, from anonymous and/or aggregated views for alternative data buyers, addressable via best-in-class cookieless footprints, or made available on an identifiable basis for specific use cases. 

“The unique thing about Caden’s Knowledge Graph is that it is fully ontological and has built-in logic that automatically allows it to infer new edges based on the information it contains,” said Satyajeet Raje, VP of Data & Technology of Caden. “This means that our graph can continue to grow and expand independently, making it a potent tool for understanding and analyzing complex ethically-sourced data, whether as training data for A.I., alternative data for financial trading, pseudo-anonymized for advertising, or for other consent-based purposes.”

For more information and to download Caden for free, please visit the app store.

About Caden

Caden is a user-centered data company, debuting the first Open Data platform. It puts users firmly in the middle of the data marketplace, empowering them to control their first-party data and make money from it. Caden believes every digital citizen should be a part of the data economy and be able to decide how their data is used and what they deserve in exchange. Privacy and control are paramount, so Caden users can rest assured that every function and product protects their privacy while improving the internet.

Caden is a New York City-based, venture-backed startup that counts among its investors and advisors Barry Sternlicht, CEO of Starwood Capital; Carla Hendra, CEO of Ogilvy Consulting; Wenda Millard, Founding Partner of DoubleClick, and global data privacy and ethics advocate Stéphane Hamel.

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