Building Bridges in Global Orthodontics: IOF and the Forsyth Institute Forge Path-breaking Partnership


IOF and the Forsyth Institute Join Forces to Elevate Global Public Health Through Cutting-Edge Research and Collaboration, Revolutionising Orthodontics.

Hong Kong, China, July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of orthodontic care, the International Orthodontics Foundation (IOF) and the Forsyth Institute announced a new strategic partnership. The three-year joint initiative will develop a global series of workshops and symposia to discuss the state of the orthodontics field, disseminate the latest research, and promote the role of innovation in improving global public health. The project combines the collective expertise of the two institutions to bring together diverse audiences in the field to encourage further research and development in orthodontics. This collaboration is not merely a union of two non-profit organizations, but a convergence of shared vision and purpose, ultimately aimed at propelling the field of orthodontics into an exciting new era of advancements and discoveries.

Building Bridges in Global Orthodontics: IOF and the Forsyth Institute Forge Path-breaking Partnership


A Strategic Collaboration with Vast Potential

The IOF-Forsyth collaboration marks an exciting juncture in the evolution of orthodontics. The 2022 Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium: In Honor of Dr. Moorrees, sponsored by the IOF, showcased this partnership’s potential, featuring engaging speeches from IOF’s committee members. The Symposium illuminated a path to the future, one where IOF and Forsyth Institute work hand-in-hand, driving research and education in the orthodontic sphere.

Dr. Kang Ting, Executive Director of IOF, and an adjunct professor at the Forsyth Institute, hailed the collaboration as a new milestone for IOF. “Forsyth is one of the most prestigious dental research institutes in the world,” said Dr. Ting, “It’s going to be a paradigm shifting collaboration to improve global oral health.”

Dr. Ben Wu, Chief Scientific Officer at Forsyth Institute, sees the strategic partnership as an extraordinary opportunity for unrestricted and multidisciplinary research. “There are a lot of exciting new technologies in orthodontics right now,” said Dr. Ben Wu, “Forsyth is pleased to join IOF’s landmark effort to encourage global collaboration and innovation in the field.”

The Synergistic Relationship: IOF as the Vital Link Between Prestigious Academic Institutions

In this grand scheme of innovation, the collaboration also serves to spotlight IOF’s already established ties with elite academic institutes like the Forsyth Institute and Faculty of Dentistry at The University of Hong Kong. These institutional relationships not only underscore the importance of IOF’s connections but also symbolize its steadfast commitment to fostering symbiotic partnerships. These alliances marry academic rigor and practical wisdom to push the boundaries of orthodontic care and education.

The essence of these collaborations is much more than just shared objectives; it’s about collectively creating a more inclusive, innovative, and informed orthodontic community. By bringing together diverse minds from these institutions, IOF aims to bridge the gap between academia and the industry, enabling the translation of cutting-edge research into practical applications, ultimately benefiting clinicians and patients alike. This strategic networking with leading academic institutions also facilitates a more fluid exchange of ideas, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and propels the entire field of orthodontics forward.

Looking Ahead: Anticipating the Future of Orthodontics

While the partnership anticipates co-hosting future symposia, it is just one element of a broader, more comprehensive collaboration. For now, both IOF and Forsyth are focused on cultivating their newfound partnership and nurturing the seeds of potential planted at the Forsyth Orthodontic Symposium: In Honor of Dr. Moorrees.

“Forsyth and IOF will work together to create the most amazing International Orthodontic Symposia in the years to come,” promised Dr. Wu. He also highlighted Forsyth’s commitment to innovations and the possibility of sharing its vast resources with the IOF community, potentially catalyzing the development of novel solutions in oral health.

In summary, this alliance between IOF and the Forsyth Institute serves as an inspirational model for collaborative efforts in the orthodontic field. Their shared vision, coupled with their dedicated commitment to advancing research and education, will foster a future where orthodontic care is innovative, accessible, and of the highest quality. As we turn our sights towards the future, we perceive an orthodontics landscape shimmering with promise and potential, enriched by visionary alliances like the one between IOF and Forsyth.

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