BudSense Levels Up Cannabis Merchandising with Automated Print Cards


BudSense is ready to present its latest offering and a first-of-its-kind innovation: Automated Print Cards.

Regina, Canada, Nov. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BudSense, known as an industry trailblazer in the cannabis sector for their customizable menu platform, is ready to present its latest offering and a first-of-its-kind innovation: Automated Print Cards. This green field solution is poised to add much needed improvements to merchandising management for dispensaries, offering an unmatched blend of convenience, efficiency, and compliance.

“A cornerstone innovation for sure. We’ve been building automated print cards since legalization, when we learned first hand how hard cannabis menu management can be. Inventory moves so fast and without the right tools manually updating menu assets makes it near impossible to run a smooth operation.” Says Founder David Thomas, speaking about his dispensary operation experience.


In the dynamic evolution of the cannabis industry, dispensary owners encounter the ongoing task of managing product variations, fluctuating THC/CBD potencies batch to batch, price adjustments, and updated descriptions, all while ensuring compliance with local and state regulations.

Conventional approaches to creating and managing print and pricing cards frequently prove labor intensive when addressing these challenges, resulting in operational inefficiencies and increased compliance risks.

Shahbaaz Kara, Cannabis Collective Co-Founder sees BudSense’s latest product release as an opportunity “To lead in cannabis retail today, operators must always be seeking continual improvement. Now is the time to re-evaluate with automation in mind.”

Crafted by retailers, for retailers, BudSense stands as an innovative solution designed to empower its customers.

BudSense’s Automated Print Cards offer a comprehensive solution to these challenges, allowing dispensaries to create and maintain print cards that reflect the dynamic nature of the cannabis industry. Key features of this innovative product include:

Automated Updates: No more manually updating print assets — Automated Print Cards integrate with the dispensary’s POS system, ensuring that print cards are generated accurately. Updated print cards are emailed to managers whenever changes are required.

Customization and Compliance: Print materials crafted to showcase brand details that meet compliance requirements. BudSense’s solution empowers dispensaries to customize their print cards with the flexibility needed to adhere to necessary regulations. Built for scale, BudSense caters to multi location and multi state operators.

“I love the ability to customize almost everything. An easy-to-use interface and excellent responsive customer service make just a few reasons why I love BudSense” Suzanne Findlay, Senior Store Manager, Pop’s Cannabis

Time and Cost Efficiency: Operational expenses are reduced and worker efficiency increased. “The results are real, we don’t launch incomplete products. We saw an immediate impact from the start. Our first pilot customer saved over 14,000 hours annually across their 40 store operation.”, Thomas says.

Dispensaries using automated print cards will experience daily time-saving benefits of BudSense’s new innovation. The benefits offered by automated print cards are adaptable to individual requirements. Any dispensary who is manually printing merchandising assets will benefit from a discussion with BudSense about their automation capabilities.

Ready to reclaim 5-10 staff hours per location every week? Reach out to BudSense to learn more about the impressive time savings automated print cards can unlock.

About BudSense:

Crafted by retailers, for retailers, BudSense stands as an innovative solution designed to empower its customers. This versatile platform seamlessly integrates with dispensary POS Systems, offering retailers a comprehensive tool to customize their merchandising needs across digital, web, and print platforms. BudSense facilitates the creation of dynamic cannabis menus that authentically reflect the brand identity of each retailer. The platform enables retailers to make real-time adjustments to their menus, from any location globally. BudSense simplifies the process of selling cannabis, serving as a transformative asset for retailers in the industry.


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