Broccoliswap: The User-Focused, Cross-Chain Aggregator by DegenX


The adoption of Broccoliswap will ultimately add to the overall success of the DegenX ecosystem, creating major value for holders of the $DGNX token

SPLIT, Croatia, Nov. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via IBN — DegenX, a native Avalanche DeFi project, has launched Broccoliswap, a groundbreaking upgrade in multi-chain token swaps that enables seamless swapping of any token between networks. Want to buy a token on Ethereum but only have BNB in your wallet? No problem with Broccoliswap!

In addition to offering all the standard features expected of a robust swap, the Broccoliswap UI addresses many of the common problems faced by both new and veteran crypto users:


  • Auto-prompt and switch to the correct network for your transaction.
  • Auto-applies appropriate slippage for the chosen token.
  • ‘Fix’ button to find your assets in case a 3rd party bridge transaction fails (one-step recovery for bridge failures!).
  • Recent trade history.
  • Easily create Direct Trade links of your favorite pairings!
  • And much more!

Broccoliswap was designed with ease of use in mind. Users can swap from one chain to another, from any token on one network to any token on another, all in one action. Broccoliswap is built to automatically select the best possible route for a trade, even splitting transactions across multiple liquidity pools, to ensure the best value for the user. Currently available for use on Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum and Arbitrum, with more networks in the pipeline.

Broccoliswap is supported by the developers of DegenX and serves as one of the main utilities of the ecosystem. Fees generated by Broccoliswap are fed back to holders of the $DGNX token via Liquidity Backing and later a staking/earning program. Liquidity Backing is a proprietary technology of the DegenX ecosystem. In the simplest terms, Liquidity Backing is a pool of assets fed by multiple sources, including Broccoliswap, giving $DGNX an intrinsic value that is separate from the liquidity pool’s market value.

The adoption of Broccoliswap will ultimately add to the overall success of the DegenX ecosystem, thereby creating major value for holders of the $DGNX token. DGNX is currently available to trade on Avalanche but will soon be bridging to Ethereum and BNB Chain.



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