BL Monitor & Control releases whitepaper explaining its secure control system for maintaining equipment remotely


BL Monitor & Control releases a whitepaper that explains how businesses can reduce loss time, sustain profitability and upscale with the use of remote access systems

Lund, Sweden, Sept. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

BL Monitor & Control has released a whitepaper detailing its secure control system for operating and maintaining equipment and machines remotely. BL Monitor & Control is a Swedish-based company that specializes in helping individuals, businesses, and organizations build remote access systems. Remote access gives the opportunity to control, modify, and troubleshoot a system or machine from anywhere in the world, without being near it.


CEO of BL Monitor & Control, Georg Hulla, says the whitepaper explains how BL Monitor & Control creates a system where businesses can give secure remote access to external experts without fear of compromising the system. According to Hulla, BL Monitor & Control has a team of experienced engineers who have been building atom smashers all around the world for 25 years. He says the team has a strong 24/7 maintenance mindset, ensuring that the systems stay functional to help clients with round-the-clock access to their equipment. He also mentions a Swedish client for whom BL Monitor & Control built a secure remote access system and helped save $8,000 in monthly electricity bills during last winter’s energy crisis.

“We recently had a client in Sweden who always got very high electricity bills due to the central heating system. In Sweden, there is a central heating plant in the cities, as well as a heat pump. When electricity prices become high, it becomes too expensive to run the heat pump. But when the electric prices are low enough, it’s more affordable to switch over to the district’s heating plans. So, we built a remote switching system for these guys, which basically switches their heat pump between district heating and the extremely small-scale heating system. By doing this, their electricity bill fell by $8,000 monthly. It is not rocket science. It is something we have been doing for a combined 45 years,” he says.

According to Hulla, BL Monitor & Control has created the Blinky-Lite system that gives experts access to machines around the clock from anywhere in the world so they can spot issues before they become problems and fix problems before they become downtime. He reiterates that every single line of the Blinky-Lite codebase is version-controlled and open to users. He explains that there are no license fees and no proprietary software. Hulla observes that Blinky-Lite can be with clients forever and can grow with their facility, with or without BL Monitor & Control’s intervention.

On his part, Chief Technical Officer, David McGinnis, says the whitepaper details how BL Monitor & Control uses simple tech to build secure remote access solutions. He explains that all their applications are mobile web applications that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world. According to him, machine connections are always initiated from within clients’ facilities – not from the outside – providing secure information flow from clients to the machine and back. He explains that all BL Monitor & Control’s mobile apps require both two-factor authentication and role-based access, ensuring safety, as only the right people have access.

BL Monitor & Control hopes to help more businesses cut down costs and reduce loss time by providing their free-to-use, open-source platform- Blinky Lite, that helps to build remote access systems that upscale operations and increase productivity.

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