Best Serverless Security Practices from the 4th AWS & Intetics Joint Webinar, Now Available on YouTube


NAPLES, Fla., April 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 4th joint webinar “Serverless Security on AWS” by AWS & Intetics, a leading global technology company, is now available on YouTube.

How to secure a serverless application? What is the difference between Serverless Security and security for classic solutions on AWS? What are Security domains for Serverless applications?

Serverless applications on AWS require robust security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Failure to secure serverless applications can result in devastating consequences, including data breaches, loss of customer trust, and financial losses.


On March 23, Hamdy Eed, AWS Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, and Sergey Dudal, Intetics PM/Cloud Solutions CoE (Centers of Excellence) Leader, hosted the 4th joint AWS series webinar titled “Serverless Security on AWS.” Experts shared how to build secure serverless applications on AWS and the best practices to follow.

What is Serverless?
Serverless is a cloud architecture that allows you to transfer more of your operational responsibilities to your cloud provider, such as AWS. You can build and run applications and services without considering servers, providing you with agility and innovation. The serverless approach removes the need to manage infrastructure tasks like server or cluster provisioning, patching, operating system maintenance, and capacity provisioning. Serverless architecture can be used for almost any application or backend service, and it handles everything needed to run and scale your application with high availability.

4 Benefits of Using a Serverless Approach

  • No server management. With serverless, you don’t have to worry about managing servers, allowing you to focus on developing and deploying your applications.
  • Flexible scaling. Depending on the workload, serverless architectures can quickly scale up or down, ensuring optimal resource utilization and cost savings.
  • Pay for value. With a serverless approach, you only pay for the resources you use instead of paying for idle servers, leading to cost savings.
  • High availability. Serverless architectures automatically handle high availability and fault tolerance, reducing application downtime risk.

How to Secure a Serverless Application on AWS?
Regarding security and compliance, AWS has built its data center and network architecture to meet the needs of the most security-sensitive organizations. AWS takes responsibility for safeguarding the infrastructure that powers its cloud services and provides customers with security services that they can use. Third-party auditors regularly test and verify the effectiveness of AWS’s security measures as part of the compliance programs.

However, you also have a role in ensuring security and compliance. Your responsibilities depend on the AWS services you use and other factors like the sensitivity of your data, company requirements, and applicable laws and regulations. So-called “security in the cloud” is precisely the thing Intetics, an Advance AWS partner, can help you manage.

With the serverless model, there is an opportunity to focus on securing your application code, managing the storage and accessibility of sensitive data, monitoring, and logging application behavior, and implementing identity and access management (IAM) for the relevant services. Thus, you can concentrate on your core business while our cloud experts control the underlying infrastructure and security measures.

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Watch the webinar on YouTube and enjoy serverless security on AWS made simple:  

About the Series
Running your applications on AWS gives you complete control, cost-benefit, and agility for your business. But many customers are using Amazon EC2 and AWS services that still need attention in operation and scalability, which sometimes deviate from your focus, your business application. Creation manually of the resources or not establishing a pattern for the application are some examples of things that consume time and from which you need to take real advantage of the cloud.

The purpose of this series is to:

  • demonstrate that production platforms can be built on top of Serverless architecture,
  • show a set of tools that can simplify business processes,
  • key features of AWS services,
  • and the main things to remember when building serverless platforms in AWS.

Watch the whole series:

  1. Value Proposition of Using Serverless on AWS for Business
  2. Building and Transforming Your Applications into Serverless on AWS
  3. Monitor at Scale Your Serverless Application on AWS
  4. Serverless Security on AWS

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